It’s a Brand New Year and a Brand New Month…Time for January Goals

Alright everyone lets focus on January now!

What are your goals for this month?

How did you do last month over the holidays?

Below is the last 3 months of comments with previous goals posted. Click on each month to learn and reflect on experience to spring you for success in the future.

Lets make this the highest number of responses for goals…EVER!

December Goals (12 responses)
November Goals (21 responses)
October Goals (8 responses)

15 Responses to “It’s a Brand New Year and a Brand New Month…Time for January Goals”

  1. Michelle Poe Says:

    1. If I don’t know a person’s name I’m working out with – ask them, and remember!
    2. Invite at least 1 person a week to CrossFit to come workout with my awesome friends and me! 🙂
    3. Sleep more! I have never had enough, and I know my body and mind will be happier if I did! Let’s see – goal is 6.5-7 hours a night right now.
    4. Don’t get lazy with my Fish Oils! Write a note, put it at my sink, and fish oil up! It’s so important and I get busy and forget to take them and that is baaaaaaaaad Momma Poe!
    5. Be there for my friends who want Paleo help – don’t fail them!
    6. Keep working on my pull-ups. Butterfly is what my body does naturally – get better at them, but still figure out and conquer the kip by the end of the month! It’s a must!
    7. Double Unders. Stop doing a double under and then do a single, then a double – figure out how to keep going on a constant double under roll!
    8. Go to more Olympic Weightlifting Classes. These classes are so important and I haven’t made the time to go like I need to. Usually cause classes were/are later and I want to be home with my family, but I need to make this a priority if I want to improve on my overall CrossFit performance and Yes I Do! I’d say at least 2 classes a month for sure! Let’s push for more, but 2 is a good start goal.
    9. Print this list and look at it every day!
    10. Buy a new pair of shoes!

  2. Chris Mello Says:

    I got to lead from the front…right:-)

    1-Continue to improve on Handstand Pushups: Min 4 days a week do strength strict sets with bands or in a mini WOD.
    2-Improve on Strength: I am submitting myself to the CF Football Lift schedule. Whatever is on the site for that day, I DO IT!
    3-Increase Flexibility: I have accumulated enough yoga”ish” DVD’s to not get stuck doing the same one and get bored. I will strecth a min of 10 min to 60min everyday!
    4-Raising my INTENSITY GAME! During every single WOD push until the last rep! So when I will look each and everyone of you in the eye I can say, “I SOLD OUT, now you WILL too!”
    5-Begin my battle with Food Journaling: Journal everyday. The Paleo LEANing Challenges starts the 23rd…and it will happen before I know it, so I will build that habit now…its all about journaling.

    Keep em coming CrossFitters! LETS DO IT…BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1. Do a better job of tracking and looking to set PRs. Especially when we do a 1-1-1-1 pre WOD.
    2. Do a better job with portion size while eating…I don’t get a t-shirt if I eat it all.
    3. Get to 2 OLY classes a week twice this month.
    4. Work on deadlifts and OH squats both at least 1 time a week on my own.
    5. Increase my total by 25 at the upcoming CF Total.
    6. Stop thinking in mini sets…f-ing go until you can’t. SELL OUT and prove to myself I have more in the tank.
    7. Continue to journal my self talk.
    8. Never lay on my back in defeat until everyone is done.


  4. 1) Water, water, and MORE WATER! With all of the exercise I do and working in an extremely dry environment (hospital), I know I am probably always dehydrated. Having a goal of drinking at least 100 oz. of water is a good one to have for the amount of sweating I do between Crossfit, teaching Spinning classes, and all the training runs for marathon training. To make this possible, always have my water bottle handy and ice in the freezer because I CANNOT drink anything but cold water!

    2) Take a rest day and not feel guilty about it. Chris told me the first day I met him that rest is just as important to your body as a workout, and I really need to let my body re-coup so it can come back stronger for the next kick-butt workout. I have had the thought process “Have to workout so you can eat today”, but that is just crazy talk from my past. My body needs fuel to heal and give me energy and strength to make it through my day.

    3) Think at least one positive thing about myself and be grateful for what I have been blessed with in my life everyday, believe in myself, and accept other people’s positive comments. I have people basically handing me compliments on a silver platter on a daily basis, yet I don’t accept them, thinking “Where in the HECK are they getting that from?? or, “They’re just saying that to be nice”, or I totally just brush it off. I need to believe what people are saying to me, because why would they say something if it weren’t true or they didn’t think that? Also, I need to believe in myself and think positively before anyone else can believe in me and be proud of what I have accomplished so far in my life. In turn, give back what I am given. EVERYONE at Crossfit deserves a “Great job on the WOD” or “You ROCK”, EVERYDAY! Pay the compliments and positive statements forward.

    4) Eat Paleo. Enough said….almost. I know I will feel like crud the first couple of weeks, so I just need to get past that and I will be fine. I know I feel better when I eat better, so why don’t I?? Eat junk= feel like junk. To ensure this, I need to make a couple of Paleo meals when I have time and keep them handy for the week ahead, take my lunch to work EVERY DAY, and always have a Paleo-friendly snack handy, such as a Larabar (in the words of Momma Poe- YUMMO! CRAZY GOOD!!) or almonds and a piece of fruit.

    5) Do the workouts I have scheduled for myself, including Crossfits and training runs. This is the only way I will improve my strength and be prepared for St. Louis in April.

    6) Keep taking my vitamins/supplements/and enzymes.

    7) Keep working on my push-ups with my push-up pal Korena and I want, no WILL!!! Do at least two unassisted/off the knees push-ups by the end of the month!

    8) Keep up with my food and exercise journal.

    9) Read, re-read and re-re-read my goal board and goals!!!! Believe in them coming true!!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone at Crossfit for being such AWESOME and AMAZING people at all times!! We can all do this if we believe in ourselves and continue to show support to others!

    • Korena Chester Says:

      So I’m being nice but I’m being honest: you amaze me, gurl! We all have different abilities and your ability to run like a pack of wolves on a mission has always amazed me. I run 800m and struggle to tell my body to keep going let along run another 5+ miles like you do! Always believe in yourself because you almost always kick my butt in the workouts! 🙂

      We WILL conquer push-ups & pull-ups together! Because of you, I hate girlie pushups and try to always do the band-assisted ones now! Thanks for showing me and encouraging me to do that and being crazy with me like doing 30 or more of them before or after workouts! 🙂 We push each other to try “another 5-10lbs” when lifting, do all pushups off knees, or whatever it may be!

      That’s why I luv CF so much because it’s not 1 person for themselves….we’re all a team supporting each other and helping each other get better and accomplish our goals!

      You rock gurl!

  5. Tracy Kuipers Says:

    1. Run my first 5K. I’m a pretty quick sprinter when I’m running away from something, now I need to focus on running for something.
    2. Stop chewing my nails… my hands already hurt from all the pullups the way it is… I don’t need to keep making it worse!
    3. Learn how to kip without a band when doing pullups.
    4. Shop in the outside aisles at the grocery store and buy less processed food and more whole natural food.
    5. Learn how to cook with the ingredients that I purchase from the outside aisles of the grocery store.
    6. Do every single rep of every WOD. If you’ve already done 97 squats, what’s 3 more??
    7. Double-unders… these pesky little buggers are going to be dominated in 2010!
    8. Focus on being a better person and a better Mom. Listen more and talk less (this one may be hard for me… I just have so much to say! HA)
    9. Remembering that (for me) less is more and avoid falling into old habits that make me sick. Rest days are too important to ignore.

  6. December – well… let’s not talk about December.

    1. NOT miss a class – let alone a week – this month! (I learned my lesson for sure!)
    2. Go all out – balls to the wall – even if I meet pukie again (yes, that is my fear – the garbage can/back door/restroom is a long distance away at the new box!).
    3. Food journal! I used to do it and got lazy… what an excuse huh!
    4. Paleo ie – PLAN! If you have a plan and be prepared, it’s really not that hard!
    5. Do an at home wod, even if it is a cheesy workout video on my “off” days. It may not be a full out in the box workout but at least I’m getting off the couch!
    6. Look at my vision board on in my CF journal before and after EVERY wod and focus on what I want – EVERY TIME!!!
    7. (sorry michelle – have to borrow this one from you) – get to know more people at the gym. i have my “regulars” that I know, but CFSF is growing and I was once the shy new girl in the corner too. : )
    8. Move on from December’s failure, oops I mean slip ups. December is in the past… this is a NEW YEAR and it’s going to be FABULOUS!!
    Good luck everyone!! As usual – hold me accountable – and YELL AT ME – it helps!!!

  7. Korena Chester Says:

    I had a little set back due to a knee aggravation but even though I was told to take 2 weeks off from exercising & sports, I couldn’t bring myself to do it so we modified my workouts instead (thanks Annie & Chris!!) which kept me less insane 🙂

    Old/continuing goals:
    1. Pullups: continue working towards pull-ups with no bands..down to orange/black in WODs now! Got chin barely above bar for 1 pull-up without bands but didn’t have enough oomph balla oofta to do any more. Got a pull-up bar for Christmas so I’m pumped for it to be installed in the basement and ready to rock!
    2. Strength: continue working on arm strength with push presses, pushups, pullups, etc.. Looking at purchasing a cheapy set of weights to workout at home especially on the weekends to end the CF drool and now that my schedule is freeing up a little bit more. I have a strong hunger to conquer and move up quickly!
    3. Pushups: be able to do 50 regular pushups in a row. I haven’t been able to test this out yet but I continue to work towards this goal. I WILL CONQUER!!!
    4. Be able to do prescribed weight on thrusters. This goes back to my plan on bringing weights into my home.
    5. Start incoporating at least 1/2 regular pushups into WOD. I believe I’ve done mostly BA pushups even during WODs thanks to Miss Caiti K!
    6. Deadlift 175lbs – not too far away! Form and determination = success….we haven’t done these for a little while but I’m confident I will be there in no time! Why? Because I believe…
    7. STRETCH BEFORE AND AFTER WORKOUTS!!! I have been pretty good about making sure I’m doing this both before, during (when possible), and after workouts.
    8. Start back on more strict Paleo. Hmmmm….can we skip this one for this month? 🙂 Jan 23rd….I’m mentally preparing and rearing to go!! This is my opportunity to not only reach my weight goal I set for myself 2 years ago but to also to start back on Paleo. I felt so good and more energized (not that I really need alot more energy!).
    9. Workout with jingle bells on my shoes, keeping in tune with “Jingle Bell Rock” – They were all sold out of jingle bells so maybe next year…
    10. Lose a minimum of 5 lbs for Dec. I was down another 4 lbs last I weighed myself at the beginning of this week.

    Keep holding me accountable and pushing me to succeed! I sometimes question my ability but it’s everybody’s encouragement that pushes me through and helps me believe in myself and prove myself wrong! You guys are all like the snow on a mountain: just not the same beautiful-ness if you guys weren’t there!!!!

    • Momma K!!!
      You darn near had that unassisted pull-up yesterday! 🙂 You just had to make “the noise” and you would have had it!
      You keep me going all the time in the gym, and I so appreciate you and all of your kind (and honest!) words!
      I will definately hold you accountable because I’m counting on you to hold me accountable as well, especially with the push-em-ups and Paleo!
      You WILL ROCK your goals this month, I just know it! You are amazing and am so blessed to have you in my life! 🙂

  8. 1) Do all push-ups OFF my knees…even if there are 100 in a row and it takes me 2 days to complete.

    2) Work on true pull-ups….no kip, just pull up. I wouls like to be able to do 10 in a row.

    3) Stick to Paleo because I feel so great when I do it.

    4) Increase my weights….NOT “weight”…..”weights”!!!!!!

  9. 1) Like Tonna I want to be able to do 5 sets of 5 strict pull-ups. I want to conquer this because it will help me with those evil muscle-ups!

    2) Strict Paleo, I need to have Fab Abs by summer!

    3) I want to increase my back squat to 225 and deadlift to 305. Hopefully this goal I can meet during the total challenge giving me a score of over 600!

    4) Do one to two Olympic weight lifting classes every week.

  10. Jen Axtman Says:

    January Goals …

    1. Attend a minimum of 4 Crossfit WOD’s each week.
    2. Increase flexibility … working on it a minimum of 10 minutes each day.
    3. Paleo Challenge! Eat Paleo & maintain a food journal.
    4. Attend an Olympic Lifting class.
    5. Attend Crossfit Total Challenge.
    6. Work on true push-ups (off knees) … used to do 50 in a row in the military so I KNOW I CAN!
    7. Get another step closer to doing pullups without bands!
    8. Complete my vision/goal board.
    9. Drink 100 ounces of water each day.
    10. Take vitamins/minerals/fish oil, etc every day.

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