CrossFit For Real Life


Last weekend a few CrossFitters from Sioux Falls ran in the Military Marathon in the Black Hills. Becky Langloss, Sondra Vogt, and Amber Brown all competed in the race with their only main source of training of CrossFit.

Well Becky finished the race 1st Place!!! And Sondra came in 3rd place!

A marathon is a tremendous accomplish for an athlete. They all attributed there CrossFit training that not only got them through the race but allowed them such an impressive finish.

Way to go Girls!

What kind of improvements have you noticed in your daily and recreational activities thanks to CrossFit training?

Today’s WOD:

Sept 23

3 Responses to “CrossFit For Real Life”

  1. WOW – way to go ladies!!! NICE WORK!!!

  2. Great Job ladies!! That’s inspirational!

  3. Liza Nelson Says:

    Way to go that is awesome it is an amazing accomplishment that shows with Crossfit you can achieve amazing things!!

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