Turning Negative Choices into Positive Outcomes!

You know the saying “Two wrongs dont make a right” Well one wrong and one right = Balance.

Starting the New Year everyone is in the get healthy mode, “I am going to eat healthy 100 percent of the time and I am not going to cheat”. They start their plan on Monday… eat healthy until about Wednesday… eat something bad… and then BOOM, their whole diet goes a-wall. “I will just start again on Monday” the person says and the same routine continues until the I’ll start on Monday just goes away all together.

We have all been victims of this mentality, so why are we always all in or not in at all; where’s the balance? Through my whole life, I was all or nothing. I was either eating so strict I couldn’t even breath without thinking about food, or I was sooo tired of always being strict that I would binge and “Start on Monday”! My weight was always yo-yoing 5-15 pounds, and I could never stay consistant, until I found out the meaning of “balance”. One of the main ingrediants for balance is educating ourselves about healthy choices. There will always be a party, a work lunch, or some event that will allow us not to be perfect and that’s ok! If we eat something unhealthy balance it with something healthy to make it neutral. For example, you are craving a slice of pizza, have a slice of pizza but eat a salad, a piece of fruit, and some nuts and now that piece of pizza has been nuetralized by healthy foods!

We are not perfect, we are not supposed to be! We are all going to have ice cream, donuts, pasta etc… But instead of throwing in the towel Take action and balance it with healthy foods!

What is your balance CrossFitters?

Written by: Annie Mello

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