Checkpoint on YOUR GOALS…

We are right smack in the middle of the month. For those of you that took advantage of the 1st of the month and set YOUR goals HERE;

Where you at?
Are you on track?
Do you need to pump it up?

For those of you that missed out on posting your goals…what are you waiting for, BUCKLE DOWN, and lets get going. You still have the 2nd half of the month to make it happen.

Post your checkpoint status here or your fresh goals for the 2nd half of this month.

“Excellence is earned, not given” here is your chance to do it!

See you at the gym:-)

4 Responses to “Checkpoint on YOUR GOALS…”

  1. Chris Mello Says:

    My update on goals:
    1- Handstand pushups – started out strong practicing daily. Fell off the last week. Re-Focused and attacking it.
    2- Improve on Strength – giving myself a “B”. Have been following the CF Football Lifts. Ready for CF To+al this Saturday!
    3- Increase Flexiblity – I have kept to this goal the best. Flexibility is increasing and feeling really good. I notice I am a lot less sore and able to do more in WODs and Lifts. Going to continue to step it up.
    4- Intensity Game – Continuing to become more aggressive in WODs. Will continue to turn it UP.
    5- Food Journal – Starting this weekend

    Good Luck on your goals CrossFitters

  2. 1. NOT miss a class – CHECK! I’ve been to every class I’ve signed up for and have actually shown up to 2 just to watch
    2. Go all out – balls to the wall – even if I meet pukie again (yes, that is my fear – the garbage can/back door/restroom is a long distance away at the new box!). – HUM, I think I need feedback on this one. I feel like I have been pushing myself but I don’t think I can be the judge of this one fully.
    3. Food journal! I used to do it and got lazy… what an excuse huh! – CHECK! I’ve been food journaling since 1/4 and haven’t missed a day or a sliver of food.
    4. Paleo ie – PLAN! If you have a plan and be prepared, it’s really not that hard! – CHECK! Planning is key and makes things so much easier. I cook a couple meals a couple times a week and then I have all the food I need. I’ve only had a couple all out cheat meals since the first of the month.
    5. Do an at home wod, even if it is a cheesy workout video on my “off” days. It may not be a full out in the box workout but at least I’m getting off the couch! – CHECK. I WOD @ the box M-W-F and do at home T and Saturday.
    6. Look at my vision board on in my CF journal before and after EVERY wod and focus on what I want – EVERY TIME!!! – I’ve been doing this after every WOD but not before. Need to work on this.
    7. (sorry michelle – have to borrow this one from you) – get to know more people at the gym. i have my “regulars” that I know, but CFSF is growing and I was once the shy new girl in the corner too. : ) – I’ve met 2 new people since the beginning of the month.

    Amazing how when you stick to your goals and do things right it makes you feel great – emotionally and physically. YAY!!

  3. Michelle Poe Says:

    1. If I don’t know a person’s name I’m working out with – ask them, and remember! ==== I love this one. On track and have met more people this week!
    2. Invite at least 1 person a week to CrossFit to come workout with my awesome friends and me! === Yes! Invited a few and one has come!
    3. Sleep more! I have never had enough, and I know my body and mind will be happier if I did! Let’s see – goal is 6.5-7 hours a night right now. == Not doing so well on this puppy. Our youngest daughter is thinking she’s a party animal every night lately. Working on her and as soon as she gets back into her “normal” routine, I can hopefully get back into this puppy! I can’t wait! I’ve been pretty tired the past couple weeks and it sure makes a difference!
    4. Don’t get lazy with my Fish Oils! Write a note, put it at my sink, and fish oil up! It’s so important and I get busy and forget to take them and that is baaaaaaaaad Momma Poe! == I get a B on this baby. Need to step it up more, but have done much better than last month!
    5. Be there for my friends who want Paleo help – don’t fail them! == gotta check with the peeps on this one. I know I could be doing more!
    6. Keep working on my pull-ups. Butterfly is what my body does naturally – get better at them, but still figure out and conquer the kip by the end of the month! It’s a must! == practicing, but at this pace I won’t have it down by the end of the month so I need to step this up too.
    7. Double Unders. Stop doing a double under and then do a single, then a double – figure out how to keep going on a constant double under roll! == Step it up.
    8. Go to more Olympic Weightlifting Classes. These classes are so important and I haven’t made the time to go like I need to. Usually cause classes were/are later and I want to be home with my family, but I need to make this a priority if I want to improve on my overall CrossFit performance and Yes I Do! I’d say at least 2 classes a month for sure! Let’s push for more, but 2 is a good start goal. == I get an F on this one, however, I can’t be upset about it. Olympic classes are during CrossFit Kids classes during the week, so I haven’t been able to attend one and the Total is this weekend. I must go next weekend to the lifting class – it is after Kids and Paleoholics! 🙂
    9. Print this list and look at it every day! Done.
    10. Buy a new pair of shoes! Researching today, will be done by end of month!

    Great to do an official check…when we look, write, we (I believe) do much better. Let’s keep rockin!!

  4. Korena Chester Says:

    1. Pullups: continue working towards pull-ups with no bands – I’m able to get my chin above the bar for 1 pullup. Not quite where I want to be yet so giving myself a B- 😦
    2. Strength: continue working on arm strength with push presses, pushups, pullups, etc.. – I have my eye on some equipment to hopefully help me at home to continue building on strength.
    3. Pushups: be able to do 50 regular pushups in a row. I know I can do 50 irregular pushups and 30 band pushups so I’m gonna give myself a strong B+ on this one!
    4. Be able to do prescribed weight on thrusters. D- on this one so far as I haven’t been testing myself.
    5. Start incoporating at least 1/2 regular pushups into WOD. “A” on this one as I’ve been doing banded pushups!
    6. Deadlift 175lbs – We haven’t done one of these for a while but it’s still no excuse as I could try it on an “off” day to see if I am able to do it yet or not.
    7. STRETCH BEFORE AND AFTER WORKOUTS!!! I give myself an “A” on this one. I’ve been very good about stretching before and after not to mention at home as well.
    8. Start back on more strict Paleo. Waiting for the challenge to start before I conquer this one! 🙂

    Keep holding me accountable and pushing me to succeed! I sometimes question my ability but it’s everybody’s encouragement that pushes me through and helps me believe in myself and prove myself wrong! Keep pushing me in the workouts!!! I need the trainers to yell at me during the WODs!!

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