Athlete of the Week

This week’s AOW is Courtney Mydland!

Courtney has been with CFSF for just over 3 months and we have seen some great progress with her strength and conditioning. Everyday Court works hard, has a positive attitude, and really raises the level of intensity in each classes she attends.

Thank you Court for all you bring to this awesome community. We appreciate you. We appreciate you so much I promise you there is no “wall balls” in today’s WOD just for you.

Post some love to Court in the comments and on FB.

12 Responses to “Athlete of the Week”

  1. Congrats Courtney! Very well deserved! Thank you for inspiring me, to be not only a stronger athlete but a better person everyday!

  2. I know she has great genetics, her father was a great baseball player

  3. oh courtknee…it just seems like it was yesterday that i was STRONGLY suggesting you come try out CrossFit. NOW look at ya! AOW! awesome job!!

  4. Congrats! After partnering with you and Kylie on Saturday, I can definitely say the award is much deserved!

  5. Great job! Keep it up!

  6. Chris Peterson Says:

    Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Keep going strong! Congratulations on AOW!

  8. Awesome job Courtney!

  9. jane mydland Says:

    Wow, we looked at your pictures this am. You are an amazing determined woman. We love you.

  10. Heather Fortin Says:

    Congrautlations Courtney!!

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