Mid-Month Check In on YOUR Goals

Wake up Everyone…it’s the middle of the month.

Where you at?
Are you on track?
Do you need to pump it up?

For those of you that missed out on posting your goals…what are you waiting for, BUCKLE DOWN, and lets get going. It is officially the 2nd half of the month. And like my high school bball coach always said, “The 2nd half of the game is where the Winners are made” So lets get it done…NOW!

Post your checkpoint status here or your fresh goals for the 2nd half of this month.

“Excellence is earned, not given” here is your chance to do it!

See you at the gym:-)

7 Responses to “Mid-Month Check In on YOUR Goals”

  1. Okay, I didn’t originally post my goal for this month, but it was plain and simple–do my best to stick to the paleo diet. And I feel like I’m on track–yay! I’ve had some slips and some cheats, but I don’t feel deprived, and I’m starting to really see food as fuel and understand how my energy level is directly connected to what I eat. I knew these things before, but knowing and doing are two very different things! A HUGE motivational tool for me has been the food logs because I know that people can see what I eat. I think it’s such a great tool that I want to keep my food log going long after the challenge is over.

    Keep up the great work everyone! My fellow CrossFitters are my biggest inspiration!

  2. Lisa Meritt Says:

    I didn’t post my goals on the web site, but had them written in my head before I started CrossFit. I have, in only 6 weeks, lost 2 inches around my waist. I will lose two more. And the great news is that my injured shoulder is getting stronger every work out. Can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold in store at CrossFit. Thanks Annie and Chris!

  3. Ashley Hobbs Says:

    So this is my first goal post…I have two main goals that constantly drive me as a Crossfitter: 1) To get stronger 2) To keep up with the rest of my family–especially my Mom who has been Crossfitting for almost a year and about to turn 50! As for my first goal, I am constantly attaining and striving to be as strong as I can be. When I first started Crossfit in December, I could barely do a pushup and struggled with the 15 lbs kettlebell. Now I can bang out over 10 pushups in a row and just started using the 35 lbs kettlebell in warmups yesterday! As for number two, well I have out-lifted my mom on everything except push press. My goals now are to continue to push myself and learn in the process. I want to get my shoulder back up to 100% so I can start attempting the prescribed weight for WODs. I also want to be able to do 5 Double Unders in a row and 1 handstand pushup. Seeing my progress so far has been a major motivator and I have Chris and Annie to thank for that! You guys are great coaches and inspire me to be better! Everyone at the gym has been so welcoming and supportive. Thank You!

  4. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    I have started doing handstands unassisted, something that frankly freaked me out. I want to kip like the big girls before spring and improve on box jumps. I am also going to shed some pounds before swimsuit season. Thanks to Chris and Annie and fellow CrossFitters for your inspiration!!

  5. My goals for the month were to 1) give up my other classes so I could concentrate on CF and… done! 2) do unassisted pull-ups… barely, 2 at a time, but continuing to pursue 3) ALL push-ups on my toes… I have been doing 1/2 knees and 1/2 toes… time to step that up… and 4) continue to make friends through CF. And my secret number 5) to stop being envious of the others that seem to kick my a$$ and put on my big girl pants and just do my best! Thanks to all of you who keep me wanting more!

    PS I really want to up my commitment to Paleo… the sweets are killing me!

  6. My goals for the month are to keep up with the paleo – not a diet but a way of eating; looking forward to seeing my lab results next month. To focus on squating lower and form esp with weight. Getting rid of a band for pull ups. Focus on my personal best; trying heavier weights even if it takes me a little longer to complete a WOD. And getting to know everyone’s name in my 0530 class; esp the new members.

  7. Goals for this month.
    1) Continue to work on the butterfly and implement them in every WOD that requires pullups. Can’t wait to try FRAN again…she is my goat!

    2) Complete a rowing WOD/Skill Work at least once per week after the regular WOD.

    3) HSPU with parallets – goal is to get to 10 reps in a row.

    4) Try a new recipe from the paleoholics page each week to avoid routine.

    5) Bodyweight OH Squats – put in work to get to the GOLD STANDARD

    6) Continue to meet new people from the box.

    Chris and Annie – Thanks for keeping us all accountable by posting our goals so everyone can see them.


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