Throw All of Your Excuses OUT!!!

When Chris and I went to the Affiliate Gathering in Miami, we heard a man by the name of Kyle Maynard speak. Kyle Manard, an inspiration in his own right, and also a CrossFitter. Below is a video of him discussing functional training and how important and applicable it is for life. If you’re curious about Kyle and want to know more about his story, google him – he has truly lived a remarkable life. It’s an honor to have him as a part of our awesome CrossFit community! Watch this and you will really have NO EXCUSES!

2 Responses to “Throw All of Your Excuses OUT!!!”

  1. ~WoW~

  2. Stories like these really put things into perspective and make you look at yourself in a whole new way. What an amazing person and an inspiration to all of us in Crossfit. Everyone has days when we don’t want to get up early or make the effort to attend a WOD but thinking about someone like Kyle and all that he can do with so little its amazing and inspirational.

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