CFSF “Workout Pants Exchange Program”

The Deal is going down with Jaime and Jen

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Because we are a RESULTS based fitness program, we constantly have members with their pants FALLING OFF…Literally. So if you are in need of new, leaner, and tighter workout pants. No FEAR…The CrossFit Sioux Falls “Workout Pants Exchange Program” is HERE!

The CrossFit Sioux Falls “Workout Pants Exchange Program” is completely voluntary and a lot of fun!

So if you are experiencing difficulty keeping your pants ON during a WOD then let us know…we may have the exact pant size YOU need:-)

Tell us your “pants falling off experience”. And if you are in need of this new exciting program.

Onward to ELITE FITNESS!!!

6 Responses to “CFSF “Workout Pants Exchange Program””

  1. Ok…so I saw this and had to respond for a few reasons: 1) I’ve shed almost 26.5 lbs since the end of JULY, which is when I started at CrossFit 2) the more I lost, the more I struggled to keep from doing the “moon walk” 3) my pants started to gradually fall off…literally!

    I had to finally retire some dress clothes because they had no belt loops to help keep them on….and…yes…I almost lost them as they were starting to fall past my hips when I was walking one day….good thing I take long strides!!!! Needless to say, I sat at my desk the majority of the day! Those got retired asap when I got home! Lately, my jeans are now having issues but luckily nothing additional drilled holes in a belt can’t fix…..ok so maybe the waist of my pants are slightly bunched up in the front and back now and are in need of retirement as well *SIGH*. Fortunately for me, I kept some of my older clothes, determined that I would eventually get back down to what I weighed before….I’m now within 7.5lbs of my overall goal….so close I can finally taste it!!

    Soooooo……I have some “falling off” jeans and dress pants too! I don’t want to get cited for having “crack” visible so I will be retiring those hopefully soon!

    This is so inappropriately appropriate but “HERE’S TO GETTING INTO ONE ANOTHER’S PANTS!!!”

  2. Lisa Meritt Says:

    I laughed when I saw this post. This is my 10th week at CrossFit and I have lost 4 inches around my waist. I am so excited. On Monday, when we were doing the jump ropes, I had to stop and tighen up the string in my shorts cause they were coming down. I got some jeans for Christmas and now when I put them on the fall straight to the ankles. Thank the good Lord for letting me find CrossFit. Many, many thanks to Chris and Annie.

  3. The first time I met Chris he swore my pants would be falling off within a month of starting crossfit (that was May of last year) and I honestly thought he was crazy!. Nope folks, Mr Mello tells no lie! Since I have started at crossfit I have gone down 3 to 4 pant sizes, tightened my belt loop by 3 notches and my shirts from last year are like wearing a tent!

    I too have had to stop in the middle of a WOD to re-tie my pants (newly purchaced at Christmas time) because they are falling off.

    Those goal jeans that are hanging in the closet and have been for 2 years… they may just get worn this weekend because they finally fit!!!

  4. Laura (LD) Says:

    When We did the Annie workout this week my workout pants were literally falling off!! I was happy… yet mad because my time was slowed down because I had to stop my double unders to pull my pants back up!!

  5. I think my pants-falling-off story may live in infamy. One morning we were doing box jumps and I decided to use the big box. I forgot, however, that my workout pants (w/ no drawstring) were too big around the waste. After my first couple jumps, I realized my pants were falling down. On the third jump, so as to prevent mooning Bonnie, who was box jumping behind me, I tried to jump and grab my pants at the same time. The result? My right foot slipped because I wasn’t concentrating, and I ended up with a huge gash on my right shin. Classy, I know.

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