What is YOUR referral Story??? Introducing a New Referral Contest for Nov

MB is always willing help and demo...even at Turkish Get Up

We all have our “How we heard about CF story”. The family, friend, co-worker, neighbor, acquaintence that introduced us to this crazy program called CrossFit.

My Story

It was July of 2007. My brother comes to me one day and said, “Hey brother, check out this website a lot of my firefighter buddies are doing. It’s called crossfit.com. I think you will like it.”

So I sat down and keyed in crossfit.com. My initial reaction was that it looked interesting. So I proceeded to watch the video’s and read the articles and found myself continuing to watch MORE of the video’s and read MORE articles.

The next thing I know, I’m hauling my brother to the nearest globo gym and we are trying some ridiculous AMRAP.

Then I found myself at CrossFit LA a month later.

Next thing I know, I am a CFLA member.

Six months later I am CrossFit certified.

Jan 09: I opened a box in Sioux Falls…WHAT?! A Cali boy living in South Dakota??? 🙂

Today: I am living the dream and in the best shape of my life.

Thank you Mark Mello for introducing me to what has been a major life change for the good…CrossFit

Everyone has a story…

What is your referral story???

Who introduced you to CF (or how did you hear about CF)? Well now is your time to thank them:-)

And now the CONTEST

Starting TODAY and for the entire month of November every person you refer you will receive 1 point.

The CrossFitter that recevies the most points by Nov 30th will WIN a complimentary one hour massage.

2ND place will get a free CFSF T-shirt

*You will continue to receive the $15 referral credit on each referral you get*

1 friend $15 off your membership

2 friends $30 off your membership

5 friends $75 off your membership…..Now we’re talkin

We double-dogg dare you to get a FREE month of Decembers dues

***Look out for “Game Changers” were you can receive addtional points to help you WIN the contest***

Please see Chris, Annie or Mary with questions

4 Responses to “What is YOUR referral Story??? Introducing a New Referral Contest for Nov”

  1. Angela H. Says:

    My story, everybody knows it, but CMello knows it best.

    I have been going to your basic gym all my life, then moved away from Sioux Falls for a year, moved back and joined yet another “basic gym”.
    Mr. Garrett Strating was the instructor of the Circuit class at this gym. In one of our classes there he introduced me to the BURPEES and I definately hated him for it!!!

    Garrett and I became friends and July of 2009 he invited me to the well known POOL PARTY at the Nelson household!!! It was there that I met all of these, as I called them then, CRAZY PEOPLE that did CrossFit. Garrett told me “Ang you need to try CrossFit you will love it!”, but I stuck with the basic gym. We would hang out and everytime we did he always talked about CF and how great it is, but I kept telling him I would try it someday and kept going to the “basic gym”.

    I did the basic gym thing for 9 more months when all of a sudden I was in a deep deep hole and not seeing or getting the results I wanted and was BORED!!! So, April 2010, I text GarBear(haha) and said “Garrett, I’m so bored and not satisfied with my workouts, what can I do to get results and have the “HOT SUMMER POOL BODY”? and his reply came not even 2 seconds later (it was almost like he knew I was going to ask him this one day and he had the reply saved and ready to send to me when I asked). His reply: “CROSSFIT SF, and I’ve already given Chris Mello your number so if you don’t show up there in 3 days Chris will be calling you to come down and sign up”.
    On the 2nd day, April 19th, i went to CFSF and the first thing that CMello said when I walked in the door…I didn’t even get a “Hey how are you”, he proceeds to welcome me by saying this “WHAT TOOK YOU SOOOO LONG?”…I didn’t even have a reply. So I watched(because I was sick that day) my first ever WOD!!! I was definately terrified, but saw the way that all those men and women’s bodies looked and how strong all of them were and I knew that my life was going to change mentally and physically. April 20th I signed my life away to CrossFit.

    Fast foward 5 months and 4 weeks later and I popped up on the AOW list!!! I never thought that would happen.

    Here I am today loving those brutal BURPEES that Garrett made me do a year ago!!!

    My list of favorites would be:
    1. Burpees, 2. OH Squats, 3. Snatches, 4. Box Jumps

    This is all thanks to Garrett “GarBear” Strating!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GARRETT!!!

    April 20th, 2010 I did my 1st WOD

  2. I was the typically endurance junkie….. 3 hours of cardio and no weight over 12lbs “so I didn’t get BIG” LOL!!! I was getting married in a month and wanted to drop those last 5lbs before the wedding. My normal routine was not working so Chris suggested I try this thing called CrossFit. I did not seem up my alley i.e no workout lasted longer than 30 minutes and I would definitely have to use more than 12lbs! I decided to go do a “baseline” with Chris one day which consisted of 500m row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 pullups. When Chris told me I figured I better go for an hour run before so I could get a “real workout” in… Well the Joke was on me!!! The row about took me out and then when he explained how low I had to squat each time and how my elbows should touch my knees on situps, and my chest was to hit the floor on pushups, and a purple band barely got me over the bar for 10 pullups I was humbled! It took me a good 10 to 15 minutes to recover and when I did I knew this was for me!

    Thanks to my hubby for giving me CrossFit… It has brought the fire back and it has given me some thing to work for again! It has changed our lives so much, and it is so fun to see how it is changing lives right here in Sioux Falls!


  3. My love of CF all started with Amber Frerichs! After my first workout I could hardly walk and was so excited to come back for more. I have to give a big “Thank You” to Amber if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have my level one cert and be as involved as I am today! I wouldn’t have the great circle of friends and suppport. Thanks again!

  4. I first saw CF on youtube while looking for summer/offseason workouts for wrestling. My first thought: “that doesn’t look like much, I’m sure I could get 2 or 3 of those WOD things in for my workout” I filed the CrossFit thing in my internet favorites list and figured I would try it some time. Later that spring, I saw the special about Chris and CFSF in the Argus and decided I would rather do my college internship there than something boring like Sanford or the like ;). I loved it from the start and it’s helped me learn more about being a coach and about myself than I have time to tell you about. Many early mornings, brutal workouts, miles traveled, and burgers without the bun later; I will never be the same again!

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