ENDURANCE now included with your CrossFit Membership – see details.

From the BOSS…(yep, seriously)

Yes, that's a Rower. And, it's included in your Membership - see New CF ENDURANCE details.

I am so very excited to let you all know we have changed the Endurance program to allow everyone to participate for no extra charge. There is limited space available in these classes so it is very important that everyone signs in for class. Everyone should sign up for class on the main CrossFit workout page and not though the Endurance tab. (Note: please sign-up for ALL CrossFit classes such that we can best prepare for all of you)

Just like CrossFit WODs, every Endurance WOD can also be scaled to accommodate every fitness level so Do Not be afraid to come to jump in. Endurance classes consist of running, rowing and jumping rope along with some additional body weight skills such as burpees, pushups, and sit-ups.

If you have any additional questions about the program or signing in please feel free get ahold of me (literally, just don’t strangle ;). Endurance is just another piece to the CrossFit puzzle and I am very excited that everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from the class. Below is more information and may help with any questions or concerns you may have!

CrossFit ENDURANCE Classes added to normal CFSF membership. Here is how it works…

1. How do I sign up for CrossFit ENDURANCE classes?
You can now sign up for CrossFit ENDURANCE under the normal CrossFit class schedule. Do Not use the Endurance Tab (that is going away). PLEASE though – Sign Up in Advance for ENDURANCE just as we do for ALL CF WODs.

2. How will I be charged for CrossFit ENDURANCE?
CrossFit ENDURANCE classes will count just like a normal CrossFit class does under your membership. If you are a part-timer 12x monthly, you can select between Endurance and CrossFit WODs as desired. If you are unlimited, you can choose up to 3 Endurance WODs a week to compliment your unlimited number of CrossFit WODs.

3. Holy cow that is a good deal…can I just CrossFit all day now?
We…No. Though you can come to 2 classes in 1 day, you must have 3 hours rest in between classes. This is nothing new and in order to get the most out of both your CrossFit WOD and your Endurance WOD your body needs at least a 3 hour rest.

4. What is the best way to take advantage of this change in scheduling?
It is encouraged that you upgrade your membership to Unlimited Membership and thus can take advantage of the best mix of CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Endurance. An ideal schedule would have 2 CrossFit workouts for every 1 ENDURANCE workout.
Listen to your body, you will know.

5. Ok, so I purchased both before you added this new cool benefit. Can I get my money back?
No and Yes – please read. So, you are a part-times…no you do not get money back. But have no fear, you still have the credits until they expire or are used as would have been normal. When the credits are used, you will then have the option of going unlimited or staying part-time (12x).
If you do have an issue with billing, please visit with us and we will get it resolved – yes, in the 1st month transition there could be a hic-up or 2 (no more we hope). If you were Unlimited already and still have credits, come in and visit with us. We will adjust the amount outstanding to your next month and make it all good. YOU have to come and see us though and we will fix it all up – it’s that easy, we just need ya to stop in.

Let’s kick off the New Year right and not only build strength but build our endurance also. Get in today for an Endurance WOD — Fargo Marathon anyone?

By Liza Nelson (with 1-2 Greg edits 😉

4 Responses to “ENDURANCE now included with your CrossFit Membership – see details.”

  1. WOW! This is such great news! 2011 just keeps getting better and better at CFSF! I’ll be upgrading next month for sure! THANK YOU! 🙂

    P.S. Fargo sounds like fun!

  2. Umm…yes I plan on doing at least the half marathon in Fargo this year! Maybe ill cross off another one of my bucket list items and run my first full marathon this year! Endurance could be just the things need to help me achieve that goal!

  3. Christopher Says:

    ok, I am going to commit to Fargo. Try #2 for 3:10. I hear the course is flat and fast.

  4. Tyler might be in on that Fargo marathon! Keep us posted if you get a group of people to go- it would be so fun 🙂 i’ll be the best cheerleader on the sidelines with the little one teehee

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