From Coat Hooks to Classes – Change is a GOOD Thing

Morning Folks from Las Vegas!

“All the Change in the world will mean nothing if you yourself has no desire in changing.” Yeah I just came up with that piece of ingenuity.

While these 2 CHANGED positions at CFSF, they may also want to consider changing their glasses 😉

Building upon the amazing success of the past 2 years at CrossFit Sioux Falls, we entered 2011 with the desire to change a few things ourselves. Some cosmetic, some operationally, and many changes still in the works. With that in mind, I wanted to do a fast overview of what has changed already for those who are curious…(people of SF, old CFers, anyone)…

We are excited about the CFSF facility including…

1. Fresh appearance – matting wall to wall. New paint (red + black decor)
2. New equipment – we now have 8 rowers, 24 new olympic barbells (in addition to what remained), 20 new wall balls, 20 new jump ropes (yes they matter when you use em many days), many new plates, collars and other equipment we use everyday at the box.
3. New kids area – gated 😉 – we moved the kiddos back upstairs and it’s ready for your kids to have some fun.
4. New entry area to hang for just a bit – relax and share a story while doing your journal my friends.
5. Coat Hooks – 15 of them to be exact.
6. Programming starts a bit more defined – warm-up and skill are often lead as a group.

And though we are near completion on the facility for the time being, there is much more to come operationally and for you guys. (I will update this as new change hits)

7. This week we included ENDURANCE as an option with your normal WOD options.

And yet all of this leads me back to the top…All the Change in the world means nothing if you yourself have no desire in changing. And while millions voted just a couple years back for Hope and Change, I encourage you to take action on the latter and Change in 2011 with CFSF. Change your routine, your comfort zone, your commitment, your workouts, your health, your life and take it to the next level in 2011 as You Change with Us.

Best –
Greg Nelson
(returning to good ol SF in 3 hrs 😉

3 Responses to “From Coat Hooks to Classes – Change is a GOOD Thing”

  1. Chris Mello Says:

    If you want to continue to grow and flourish change is necessary. Box is looking amazing! Great job new ownership. For you non-members; I have no clue way anyone who wants REAL RESULTS does not attend CFSF:-)

  2. Holy cow, I can hardly wait to come back! I am challenging the coaches to make me lose my lunch. First one that does, I buy them lunch. I’ve been gone too long, and I’m ready to reengage!


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