Goals, Goals, Goals…Did I mention Goals?

Mary is a flat out ROCKSTAR!

Well…well…well. It is one of my favorite times of the year. The Holiday season. The best time of the year for get-togethers with family and friends. The best time of the year to be grateful and thankful for all that we have been blessed with. The best time of the year to recap our year and plan for the next.

Let’s start with how did you do last month? Tell us.
Did you succeed?
Or was it a bump in the road?
Regardless it is a new month and new beginning. The TIME is NOW!!! Refusing to wait for the new year gives you a major step ahead of everyone else waiting with their “New Years Resolutions”…HA! The resolutions start NOW!

Next. Let us have it? Goals…this month.
What are they?
Improve on previous goals?
Make new ones?
How are you going to finish this month?
What’s the plan? Name at least 3 things. Name more if you want.

Everytime you comment you are holding YOURSELF accountable and YOUR CrossFit community will HELP YOU.

You gotta love the 1st of the month:-)

Lets make this the biggest response for 2009.

14 Responses to “Goals, Goals, Goals…Did I mention Goals?”

  1. Dec 09:
    1. Complete my transition to the butterfly kip for pull ups.
    2. Journal my “self talk” every workout to eliminate anything holding me back.
    3. Crank out some heavy thrusters at least once a week on my own time to prep for my first sub 4 Fran.
    4. Cook at least 1 new Paleo friendly dish a week.
    5. Review this list everyday and hold myself accountable.

    3…2…1… you know the drill…

  2. Review of Nov:
    1. Redo baseline – perscribed. Last time I attempted it and got through the entire thing except pullups (had 6 to go and my arms died). – this wasn’t completed so it will be moved to my Dec goals.
    2. Pushups – no knees. Getting better at this is going to help with the previous goal. I’m getting there – it’s more of a mental game now.
    3. Box Jumps – I used to love them and have begun to cringe when they are in the WODS – they have become a struggle for me. I want to be able to pound through them like I used to. LOVING the box jumps again – and LOVE the BIG box!!
    4. Eat better!!!!! Get back to no pop and work toward paleo again.

    Now on to new goals
    1. Lose weight: 5 to 7lbs. 7lbs will put me at my ultimate goal weight but where I’m at 7 is a lot for 1 month. To work toward getting there I MUST get back on track with my eating!!
    2. EAT RIGHT!!!
    3. Push-ups off knees & Baseline RX’d
    4. Unlimited for the month – show up for all WOD’s I’m signed up for.
    5. Fight through the mental battles during the WOD’s.

  3. Okay, first off – Mary is a freaking ANIMAL!! Now here are my goals:

    1. Keep the cardio under control. I’ve been doing really well with this and don’t want to lose the momentum.

    2. Be okay with taking off 1-2 days per week and not feeling like I’m losing my fitness.

    3. Gain 2-3 more pounds this month – I’m shooting for the big 100 by January 1!

    4. Keep getting stronger and better on the Oly lifts.

    5. KIP!!!

    and now sort of unrelated…

    6. Start doing what I love (Paleo stuff) more full-time…

    7. Get a “social life” – anyone want to hang out sometime???

  4. 1. Lose the weight that is holding me in the “over weight” category.
    2. EAT BETTER…Re-reading the Paleo Book is my goal with weekend
    3. Not letting myself down during workouts…..push through the pain and mental block.
    4. Continue to do better and bigger workouts
    5. Try to RUN at least 2 times a week. (You never know maybe by summer I will love it:)!!!)

  5. okay….Chris said I HAD to do this, so here goes….

    1. Step out of my comfort zone. This is BIG! Move up in weights. Tonight’s workout was a major test of this. I stepped away from the ladies and lifted with the men. Not sure why I wasn’t doing it before. Also moved up in my kettlebell weight, but pussied out in my wall-balls….sorry Annie. (really what I’m saying with this goal is to get that damn asterisk away from my name!)

    2. Pack a paleo ‘friendly’ lunch at least 3 days of the work week….(we’ll shoot for 5, but let’s not get pushy)

    3. Get out and walk on my off days….even if it means, God forbid, walking the mall…scope out those new sexy pants….or Walmart….there’s always entertainment at Walmart….who doesn’t love the ‘people of Walmart?’ I know, right?

    4. DRINK MORE WATER! Pee clear or go home! My biggest problem is at work. If it’s in front of me, I drink it, no problem….but if the bottle is empty, it’s a total ‘out of site, out of mind’ philosophy. SO….I bought a pitcher to fill up in the morning and keep at my desk. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on whether or not it actually gets filled in the mornings….

    5. Be PROUD of myself! I’ve come a long way in three months. I stepped away from my regular routine at the WC and into the unknown world of CrossFit and KAPOW! RESULTS! My life is changing in so many positive ways! New workouts, new goals, new people, new friends, new way of life…

    Thanks ya’ll! Good luck to everyone on meeting/maintaining your goals this month and throughout the new year!

    • Korena Chester Says:

      Rob – Chris is a bully…just push him down 🙂

      First and foremost, you’re doing great! I know it’s “scary” bumping up weights and after a few times of doing that, it will be tons easier! I used a mental game with myself by putting a 25lb KB nearby so “if I needed to switch, I could”…..at first I switched and after about the 2nd or 3rd time, I didn’t touch that 25lb again!

      Walmart rules….best to go during the end of the month or beginning because that’s when the most interesting people lurk around the aisles.

      If you can force yourself to drink water constantly, eventually the rest of the junk doesn’t taste as good! Have Depends nearby until your body gets use to the water then you’ll be a controlled fountain in no time! 🙂

      Keep up the great work!!

  6. Old/continuing goals:
    1. Pullups: continue working towards pull-ups with no bands..down to orange/black at least for warmups now! We’ll see about WODs yet…at least I keep moving a step in the right direction!
    2. Strength: continue working on arm strength with push presses, pushups, pullups, etc.. This has definitely been progressing. Was able to finish quite a few WODS bumping myself up 10lbs for push presses, etc.. This will be ongoing. I’m feeling stronger and don’t worry about time as much as I do form & amt of weight now. Continually getting stronger is my focus vs being fast!
    3. Pushups: be able to do 50 regular pushups in a row. Started incorporating the push-up program at home (time allowing) and also trying to do an extra 50 band-assisted manly pushups (THANKS, CAITI K!!!!) after WODs. This has been going very well!
    4. Be able to do prescribed weight on thrusters. I’ve been able to do 65lb but not quite for the full workout yet. I think at this point, it’s more of a mental block for me that I need to power through! I’ll get there though!!! I think it’s all in my noggin!
    5. Start incoporating at least 1/2 regular pushups into WOD. I haven’t really done this but when I do the push-up program, I do regular pushups and have been doing BA pushups after workouts so it’s ALMOST a wash 🙂

    1. Lose a minimum of 5 lbs for Dec. Overall goal is to lose another 10-15 lbs to be back at pre-thyroid condition weight! Almost there…40lbs down since my journey started and haven’t felt this good in years!!! Couldn’t have done it without CrossFit in my life 🙂
    2. Deadlift 175lbs – not too far away! Form and determination = success
    4. Start back on more strict Paleo. I don’t eat real horrible especially at lunch but I need to tighten up the reins a little.
    5. Workout with jingle bells on my shoes, keeping in tune with “Jingle Bell Rock”

  7. Liza Nelson Says:

    Goals right now are hard for me I have been thinking about this since the post and it has taken me a few days to really get some goals together. I always think my goals need to be earth shattering but really they can be as simple as eating and drinking better so here goes.

    1. Focus on my water intake a lot especially now with running more and still Crossfitting 5 days a week this is sooo important.

    2. Its time to focus on strength for me something that has never ever been a focus for me. I want to get stronger no more 10lb wall balls, and really take all of the lifting maxes seriously.

    3. Last I really want to attend a Olympic Lifting class and get my form down God knows I need better form (Overhead Squats)

  8. 1. Eat more Paleo meals and drink more water throughout the day.
    2. Start going to OLY class to work on form and technique.
    3. Stay late after class and work on at least one thing each day.
    4. Prepare for the next FRAN beat down…it’s better to give than to receive! 🙂

    Awesome posts everyone…keep up the good work!

  9. I want to increase my numbers at CrossFit Total next month (looking to get 850 total – *425 deadlift – *275 squat – *150 press) and will make a few minor changes to hopefully accomplish this. (i would LOVE to get to 900 by the end of the year). they are:

    1) more sleep (in bed by 10pm (or earlier) during the week)
    2) 4-5 cheat meals MAX per week while abiding to Paleo (each meal needs to count!)
    3) if time allows after class i am going to work on perfecting my form for each of these lifts at a lighter weight.
    4) get to 3 Oly classes this month


  10. 1. Kipping, I am trying to get it down so hopefully I can get at least 1 pull up with no bands( this means staying a little late or coming early)
    2. band change on pullups I am now on purple and yellow I would like to go to just purple at least
    3. Be more aware of paleo and tying to incorporate this into my daily diet especially on Weekend
    4. re-do my baseline this month or the next
    5. Stay positive and keep at it , keep doing my best at every WOD

  11. 1. drink more water, in the winter, I don’t really feel thirsty cause im cold, but that’s not an excuse.
    2. keep kicking the soda and coffee out the door. Doing pretty well on the soda so far, now I just gotta start giving up the crazy over the top extra whip cream coffees.
    3. push ups off my knees
    4. get back to running, i think i just committed to a marathon in April, at least a 1/2 for sure.
    5. Require rest days of myself, i will never see the progress I want working out 7 days a week like a dog.

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