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Resolution Check Up…..

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on January 26, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

img_0260(After every workout: stretch and log your workouts in your journal)

So now that the excitement of the New Year’s Resolutions is starting to fade. Are you staying motivated? Are you going strong onĀ  your fitness program? They say that only 20% end up keeping your resolutions. Or have you heard that over 70% of people sign up for a gym membership every January and end up not going ever again after the 1st 3weeks!!! Yikes.

At Crossfit Sioux Falls we focus and encourage on bringing your workout and food journals to class everytime. In my experience as a trainer; a client that keeps a diligent journal achieves their goals every single time! That’s right every client I trained in the last 8 years the ones who kept a diligent food and workout journal reached their goals 100% of the time! Now that says a lot.


5 Rounds for Time:
30 Glute Ham Situps
25 Back Extensions

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