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Happy Halloween!

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The New Month is Upon Us…Let’s get a Jump Start. Time to Recap and Reset

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Flexibility is always great to improve on...check out Doc Rob and Chris P working on the shoulders

So how did you do in October? (

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to put YOURSELF out there and let the CrossFit Sioux Falls community hold YOU accountable to push YOU to a new and higher level. Prove to YOURSELF that you can do it. It is amazing the improvements you can have in a One Month Period when you focus and push hard.

We are all here to support your progress.

So let’s here it! What are you going to improve on and how are you going to do it? Pick 3 things…

Today’s WOD:

Oct 30

Want Optimal Performance……Work on your Weakness!

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Here's Rob Killing it at the CrossFit Total Saturday!

In order to be the best “all around” Athlete we need to work on being great at a lot and not phenominal in just one area. This usually entails working on the exercises we dislike or are not the best at the most often.

When I first started CrossFit, I did not have the luxury of working out at a box, so off to the globo gym I went. Everyday, I would go to several CrossFit websites and go through all the WOD’s till I found the one that I liked best; i.e the exercises that I really excelled in. I was getting a great workout, but I wasn’t working to my full potential.

Although I hate to admit this, even when we opened CrossFit in Sioux Falls I would skip the WOD’s that had weightlifting or any exercises that I felt I wasn’t good at or didn’t like. I was so focused on my times on the board and “getting bigger” that I stuck to what I was good at, and was not excelling. I was watching members all around me improving leaps and bounds, while I just sat back and stayed the same!

The moment that really opened my eyes was when I did my first pullup without a band! I was shocked and not only could I do it, but I did ten in a row! I didn’t want to sit back any longer so I started to lift more weight and I would come to every single WOD, whether I liked it or not! To my amazement, not only was I stronger, faster, and improving all around I even dropped weight ( so much for the myth that women who lift get bigger)! I have changed my focus and by doing this my times are better, I feel better about my workouts, and I am able to do things I never thought were possible for me to do!

The greatest accomplishment is to do a WOD with recommended weight, no bands, off your knees etc… and kill it!!! It is something that no one can take away from you!

So I challenge you CrossFitters to focus on improving in all areas, working on your weakness, and not picking and choosing. You will see tremendous results!!!

What weakness do you want to work on?

Written by:
Annie Mello

Today’s WOD:

Oct 29

Meet our New Nutrition Guru…Amy Kubal MS, RD, LN

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Hello CrossFit Sioux Falls ! My name is Amy Kubal and I am a registered and licensed dietitian. I just moved here from Rapid City and am excited to bring Paleo Principles and share my enthusiasm for nutrition and performance with you! First a little about me… I received an MS in Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2004 and have been practicing in the field since. I am currently working with the staff at “The Paleo Diet”, Robb Wolf and I have a personal blog – Chris and I have some big things planned for CFSF in the way of nutrition – stay tuned!

I am also a fairly serious athlete and recovering LSD (Long Slow Distance/Chronic Cardio) addict. I have won two marathons (the only two I’ve run), and several 5K and 10K races. Additionally, I have competed in the Pike’s Peak Accent, placing third in my division and have summitted all 59 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains and quite a few peaks under 14,000. Currently I am LOVING CrossFit and have been following the CrossFit Strength Bias and CrossFit Endurance programs with awesome results.

As far as my diet philosophy goes… Well, first a little history. As a recovering LSD/Chronic Cardio addict, I subsided on probably 75-85% carbs until this February when I had an epiphany, (brought on by my Paleo friend Scott Jones). He challenged my way of thinking and everything that I had been taught about diet and training. I started digging into the research and found out everything that I had been taught and was practicing was WRONG! It was then that I started changing things. Now on a smarter exercise program and with a diet that is closer to Zone/Paleo than Dean Ornish or USDA, I have been able to accomplish some pretty awesome things (like pull-ups and a marathon win). Best of all – I feel GREAT!

So, I want to help you reach your full potential too! That’s why I got in touch with Chris, because together we can help you on your way to a stronger, leaner, healthier you. No matter what your goals are – whether it is weight loss, mass gain, leaning out, maintaining what you’ve got, or simply answering your questions about diet and nutrition – tell me what you need and I’ll help you.

I am excited to get this started – so let me know what you think and what you need. Because, “You can’t out train a sucky diet.”

Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN

Today’s WOD:

Oct 28

CrossFit’s 1st Annual Halloween Workout

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Saturday October 31st at 8:30am and 9:30am, CrossFit Sioux Falls will be celebrating our first annual Halloween Costume Workout.

Everyone come dressed up and ready to work! If you don’t come with a costume…..BEWARE!!!!

There will definitely be a horrifying penalty!!

Watch out on Saturday for this guy:


written by:
Annie Mello

Today’s WOD:

Oct 27

Athlete of the Week

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Think your good at Pushups...try Slapping Pushups...Way to go Matt B!

Think your good at Pushups...try Slapping Pushups...Way to go Matt B!

Congrads to Matt Byers!!!

What can we say about Matt. Matt recently wrote his amazing story about his transition to the CrossFit training program on Friday’s blog. He had a very impressive performance on the CrossFit Total on Saturday with an 810! He works hard everyday and is a great positive influence for our community.

Thank you Matt for all you do and being apart of this great community.

We appreciate you.

Today’s WOD:

Oct 26

CrossFit Total Results

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Thanks to everyone who showed up!

It was an awesome event. Lots of energy, everyone pushed hard, and encouraged each other.

Mark your calendars our next CrossFit Total will be January 16, 2010 (Saturday) at the NEW SPACE!

Check out the pictures of this event on our Facebook PAGE.

Here are the results from today!

Oct 24 CFTotal