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Happy Halloween!

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The New Month is Upon Us…Let’s get a Jump Start. Time to Recap and Reset

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Flexibility is always great to improve on...check out Doc Rob and Chris P working on the shoulders

So how did you do in October? (

This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to put YOURSELF out there and let the CrossFit Sioux Falls community hold YOU accountable to push YOU to a new and higher level. Prove to YOURSELF that you can do it. It is amazing the improvements you can have in a One Month Period when you focus and push hard.

We are all here to support your progress.

So let’s here it! What are you going to improve on and how are you going to do it? Pick 3 things…

Today’s WOD:

Oct 30

Want Optimal Performance……Work on your Weakness!

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Here's Rob Killing it at the CrossFit Total Saturday!

In order to be the best “all around” Athlete we need to work on being great at a lot and not phenominal in just one area. This usually entails working on the exercises we dislike or are not the best at the most often.

When I first started CrossFit, I did not have the luxury of working out at a box, so off to the globo gym I went. Everyday, I would go to several CrossFit websites and go through all the WOD’s till I found the one that I liked best; i.e the exercises that I really excelled in. I was getting a great workout, but I wasn’t working to my full potential.

Although I hate to admit this, even when we opened CrossFit in Sioux Falls I would skip the WOD’s that had weightlifting or any exercises that I felt I wasn’t good at or didn’t like. I was so focused on my times on the board and “getting bigger” that I stuck to what I was good at, and was not excelling. I was watching members all around me improving leaps and bounds, while I just sat back and stayed the same!

The moment that really opened my eyes was when I did my first pullup without a band! I was shocked and not only could I do it, but I did ten in a row! I didn’t want to sit back any longer so I started to lift more weight and I would come to every single WOD, whether I liked it or not! To my amazement, not only was I stronger, faster, and improving all around I even dropped weight ( so much for the myth that women who lift get bigger)! I have changed my focus and by doing this my times are better, I feel better about my workouts, and I am able to do things I never thought were possible for me to do!

The greatest accomplishment is to do a WOD with recommended weight, no bands, off your knees etc… and kill it!!! It is something that no one can take away from you!

So I challenge you CrossFitters to focus on improving in all areas, working on your weakness, and not picking and choosing. You will see tremendous results!!!

What weakness do you want to work on?

Written by:
Annie Mello

Today’s WOD:

Oct 29

Meet our New Nutrition Guru…Amy Kubal MS, RD, LN

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Hello CrossFit Sioux Falls ! My name is Amy Kubal and I am a registered and licensed dietitian. I just moved here from Rapid City and am excited to bring Paleo Principles and share my enthusiasm for nutrition and performance with you! First a little about me… I received an MS in Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2004 and have been practicing in the field since. I am currently working with the staff at “The Paleo Diet”, Robb Wolf and I have a personal blog – Chris and I have some big things planned for CFSF in the way of nutrition – stay tuned!

I am also a fairly serious athlete and recovering LSD (Long Slow Distance/Chronic Cardio) addict. I have won two marathons (the only two I’ve run), and several 5K and 10K races. Additionally, I have competed in the Pike’s Peak Accent, placing third in my division and have summitted all 59 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains and quite a few peaks under 14,000. Currently I am LOVING CrossFit and have been following the CrossFit Strength Bias and CrossFit Endurance programs with awesome results.

As far as my diet philosophy goes… Well, first a little history. As a recovering LSD/Chronic Cardio addict, I subsided on probably 75-85% carbs until this February when I had an epiphany, (brought on by my Paleo friend Scott Jones). He challenged my way of thinking and everything that I had been taught about diet and training. I started digging into the research and found out everything that I had been taught and was practicing was WRONG! It was then that I started changing things. Now on a smarter exercise program and with a diet that is closer to Zone/Paleo than Dean Ornish or USDA, I have been able to accomplish some pretty awesome things (like pull-ups and a marathon win). Best of all – I feel GREAT!

So, I want to help you reach your full potential too! That’s why I got in touch with Chris, because together we can help you on your way to a stronger, leaner, healthier you. No matter what your goals are – whether it is weight loss, mass gain, leaning out, maintaining what you’ve got, or simply answering your questions about diet and nutrition – tell me what you need and I’ll help you.

I am excited to get this started – so let me know what you think and what you need. Because, “You can’t out train a sucky diet.”

Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN

Today’s WOD:

Oct 28

CrossFit’s 1st Annual Halloween Workout

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Saturday October 31st at 8:30am and 9:30am, CrossFit Sioux Falls will be celebrating our first annual Halloween Costume Workout.

Everyone come dressed up and ready to work! If you don’t come with a costume…..BEWARE!!!!

There will definitely be a horrifying penalty!!

Watch out on Saturday for this guy:


written by:
Annie Mello

Today’s WOD:

Oct 27

Athlete of the Week

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Think your good at Pushups...try Slapping Pushups...Way to go Matt B!

Think your good at Pushups...try Slapping Pushups...Way to go Matt B!

Congrads to Matt Byers!!!

What can we say about Matt. Matt recently wrote his amazing story about his transition to the CrossFit training program on Friday’s blog. He had a very impressive performance on the CrossFit Total on Saturday with an 810! He works hard everyday and is a great positive influence for our community.

Thank you Matt for all you do and being apart of this great community.

We appreciate you.

Today’s WOD:

Oct 26

CrossFit Total Results

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Thanks to everyone who showed up!

It was an awesome event. Lots of energy, everyone pushed hard, and encouraged each other.

Mark your calendars our next CrossFit Total will be January 16, 2010 (Saturday) at the NEW SPACE!

Check out the pictures of this event on our Facebook PAGE.

Here are the results from today!

Oct 24 CFTotal

The Mental Transition of CrossFit and the power it has to change your life

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The AMAZING 530a crew in the ZONE!

The AMAZING 530a crew in the ZONE!

We often talk about the mental aspect of CrossFit is much more important than the physical aspect.

Earlier this week we discussed Training Your Brain. The mental toughness that CrossFit can provide “fits like a glove” to compliment training your brain.

This is a MUST read story from a CrossFit Sioux Falls “stud” member, Matt Byers. Matt describes his mental transition into CrossFit and it is an awesome story.

“Six Weeks and Counting.

While shooting the breeze the other day with Chris we briefly talked about my progression thus far. Upon responding I had nothing but positive thoughts and was ready to fire off several different areas of improvement. But after a brief hesitation, I passed on the more obvious areas and mentioned my mental transition. I don’t want to discount the gains made in strength, overall fitness, and the physical changes I am noticing, but in my opinion I have made the biggest gains in the mental aspect of being a CrossFit’er.

Starting back in my high school years, “fitness” was always just a byproduct of playing sports. Between playing football, soccer, and wrestling there was plenty of running, lifting, and going to practice to keep me in pretty good shape. Narrowing things down to just soccer, it was more of the same in college. With the season in the fall, and practicing all winter and spring, I always had a solid cardio base. We did some lifting as a team, but nothing of real substance. Not being the tallest lad on the team I always had to keep my upper body fairly strong in order to prevent being firmly placed on the ground by opponents. While spending time in the weight room I became a touch of a gym rat. This is where working out was first embedded in my lifestyle. Post college I was fortunate enough to be able to play for a couple more years in a developmental league. Although it was only over the summer months it kept me fit and motivated to continue to work out.

Enter the real world… I joined the realm of cube dwellers and lost that “reason” I had always had to keep fit. For a few years it was a roller coaster of commitment. Six weeks on, a month off, two weeks on, three weeks off…very little structure or commitment to something that came so easy in the past. Same for my diet, I was hot and cold. Thankfully the gym rat in me never fully left. Over the past few years I have managed to keep working out as part of my lifestyle. It was a lot of stealing routines from muscle magazines, going to spinning class, pretending I was going to do a triathlon. All of these things kept me interested, but they also kept me on a plateau of results. I never really felt it was my lack of dedication that held me back, it was my lack of mental progression. I wasn’t accountable, things were “good enough”, and my desire to compete was left in my gym bag. It just became enough to go to the gym.

It was the last week of August this year when I was hanging out with some friends having some cocktails. I don’t know exactly what sparked it, but a couple of them mentioned CrossFit. I had no clue really, they both had great things to say and said I should give it a try. That next week I was also able to hit up a buddy I work with (Shout out “BIG Mike” 5:30am). He gave me a quick overview and finally said, “You just need to try it for yourself.” Being a previous work out partner of his I knew if he was into it, it was worth a shot. I mean it’s only going to take me like 15 minutes…can’t be that hard. J

In I went, found Chris, got the housekeeping out of the way and waited as the rest of the class walked in. Stood around like a kid at a new school, wondering what the marker board was for. Ten minutes later I was hunched over wondering if my heart was going to explode. I finished up the workout not caring about my time, I just wanted my water bottle and a place to sit down. I told Chris thanks, and walked out. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great first experience, I just didn’t realize what I had just started, I merely thought I got in a good workout. I woke up the next day, and even though it was a bit more difficult to get a shirt on due to soreness, I figured “What the heck, these workouts will probably be harder than if I just go to the gym on my own.”

I decide the next day I will give it a couple weeks to give it a fair look and figure out if CrossFit was worth it. Plus I needed to figure out who Fran is. Over the course of the next couple weeks I drag myself to class each time half asleep. I’m zoned out and all I want is a good workout, I just space out until I hear the squeak of the marker board. While warming up I just think to myself that I am about to be really tired. I read the board, the names and numbers don’t mean anything to me and I just dig in. Even early in the workout as soon as discomfort sets in I’m mentally mush. I break early and often and just want to pace myself so I can finish. I quickly write my time down because everyone else did and bail. On my drive home I feel accomplished because I’m tired. As if that alone means anything.

During weeks three and four I start to notice a difference. I’m waking up a little earlier to get some food in me and actually “wake up” before I leave. When I get to the gym small talk with the other members has started, I stretch a bit more, and start thinking about what we might be doing. During the workout my thoughts are turning positive, I’m telling others “good job”. I’m noticing the people that are always beating me and start wondering if I could do better. I start caring about my time on the board, asking myself if I really gave it my all.

Now after finishing my sixth week I get excited when I even mention CrossFit. I’m getting to bed earlier on nights I don’t have anything going on. I get up even earlier now to get some food in me, even trying ideas from a book I am reading about the Paleo Diet. I’m now listening to music on the way to the gym to get me ready mentally. During the workouts my internal voice is tell me “TWO MORE REPS!!” versus “man…you are tired.” I want to beat the clock, I want to be happy with my performance, want to catch the people ahead of me, distance myself from the people behind me. I enjoy sticking around and talking about the workout, failing miserably at muscle ups, knowing I will get them soon. I want to get home and take in some post workout nutrition. I pay attention to how my body feels, get ready for the next workout, check the CrossFit Journals.

Bottom line, after six weeks the fire is back. It’s no longer just “good enough” to go to the gym. I can’t wait for the day I compare my currents times with the new times I’m going to achieve. I can’t wait for the day I have it in me to push until I puke. I can’t wait to see how many pull-ups I can do. I can’t wait for someone to look at my future Fran time and say, “Holy sh*t!” Monday morning is no longer the start of the work week, it’s my first WOD of the week.

To Chris, Annie, Cody, Casey, and the crew at 5:30 am, thanks for a great start and here’s to becoming a CrossFit’er.

Later Gator,

Matt B.”

So what benefits have you noticed since doing CrossFit?…..Tell us your story.

Today’s WOD:

Oct 23

Exercise and Brain Function with Adults and Children

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Heidi's getting it done with Kettlebell Swings

Heidi's getting it done with Kettlebell Swings

We have been told our whole lives, that living a healthy lifestyle requires some sort of physical activity along with making good nutrition choices. But, if you look at our society today we are becoming less active and more obese with every passing year. The American Heart Association reports the average child spends four to six hours per day on the computer, watching TV, or playing video games (this is even more for adults).

The Journal of Exercise Physiology looked at nearly 900,000 children 11-14. They tested them in six fitness areas along with math and reading. The results were astounding, the more fit the child the higher the test scores. An article done in the UK on children 11-12, who exercised three to four times a week achieved higher than average grades on their exams. This proves that Scholastic achievement is directly linked to higher functioning levels in the brain.

Acta Psychologica (2003) offer compelling evidence that exercise can facilitate cognitive functioning as well. The benefits of exercise reported included: brain changes associated with better performance on an attention taxing task; improved abstract reasoning in the higher mental processes of memory and “executive functions” involving planning and organization; the ability to multi-task more effectively.

Exercise also increases cerebral blood flow, which helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells at a higher rate. This increased blood flow can cause cerebral blood vessels to grow larger creating a healthier more efficient brain. Most importantly, exercise aids in the generation and retention of nerve cells and neural pathways.

Exercise positively effects the delivery of chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, to the brain. Neurotransmitters largely aid brain function by countering the negative effects of cognitive-suppressing conditions such as anxiety and depression. Exercise-induced delivery of neurotransmitters to the brain also provides the essential component of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) “Brain Fertilizer”. BDNF boosts the overall performance of the brain. It has also increases neurotransmitters to “lock-in” memories when they form.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “A strong body makes the mind strong” Brain function is positively impacted by exercise. So not only are you getting physically stronger so is your brain!

Today’s WOD:

Oct 22

The CrossFit Total-The Importance of Measuring Strength

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This Saturday (the 24th @ 10:30) will be the first time we test the CrossFit Total. On the September 3 blog last month, we discussed what the Total is: a test of the three lifts that best showcase your functional strength: Shoulder Press, Deadlift, and Squat. Why is this important?
Many affiliates everywhere are beginning to understand the importance of increasing strength to increase fitness. We don’t just want to do this solely for the sake of getting stronger; increasing strength allows you to have more work capacity and unlocks the ability to increase speed, endurance, and so-on.
Simply put, the stronger you are, the easier WOD’s will be and the better you will become. No other aspect of CF can improve the rest like strength can. Testing the Total will give you an idea of how strong you are, with that RESULTS just happen!

By: Casey Mouw

Today’s WOD:

Oct 21