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Happy Memorial Day

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The Evolution of Outdoor Training. PARK WODs

We thank everyone for coming out to the Grand Opening of the Park WODs. For those of you that missed out…You missed out, it was a great time and great WOD.

The Park WODs are every Tuesday and Thursday at 430p and Saturdays and 9am.

Come join us next time!

This Week’s Announcements and Events Upcoming:

Park WOD Schedule: Join us at Spellberg Park Tuesday and Thrusday 430p and NOW Saturdays at 9am.
Nancy 7 Week Challenge Set: Prelim’s June 26th, Finals Aug 14th. Open to ALL LEVELS. Every Heat will have judges to bring the best out of you and your WOD. Sign up at the Box
CrossFit Teens: starts THIS week!!! Wed and Friday at 3p Inquire within

Paleo Cheat Sheet for Your Hot Summer Bod

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All Park WODs tomorrow. Learn to love the hill

If you want your bod to to be as hot as the weather we are having lately. Then Paleo is the way to get you there the fastest. Below is a quick reference to help get you started:

-Stay around 4-6 ounces (30-40g) of protein in every meal you eat.

-Stay right at 50 grams of carbs a day. Consume 1/2 of your 50g (25g) of carbs immediately following your workout, and have 0g of fats.

-Limit your fruits daily, also preferably most earlier in the day.

-Increase vegetables daily

-Drink water: A good range is half your bodyweight in ounces (160 lbs = 80 oz of water)

-Consume most all of your fats from avocado’s and oils (coconut, olive, etc…) and limit your nut intake.

For more help get to know and his podcasts. There is a wealth of information to educate and empower yourself with.

Want to Get Away but Still Want to WOD it Up?

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Summer may not be here officially, but it is definitely in full swing. The kids are out of school, the weather is FINALLY Great, and memorial weekend is approaching this weekend.

We understand and encourage everyone to get out of town, go on a trip, visit family and friends, and just plain enjoy life. We do not encourage you to throw in the towel, forget and stop your workouts. Health and fitness is a life style not a job, absolutely take rest days, a week off every 6 six months, but never “take a break” (the entire summer off) from working out.

Recently we just updated a “Traveling??? CrossFit WODs on the go” file. Simply click on that link and whenever and where ever you are you can stay on the plan!

Tell us how you stay on track and motivated when you travel or leave town.

What WODs do you do?
Do you plan your WODs in advance?
Give the rest of us some ammo!

The link below is a great video of how to WOD in a hotel gym. Highlight it and copy and paste and watch. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned for CrossFit

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I was perusing other CrossFit affiliate sites yesterday and came across this list posted on CrossFit Fuel’s website. While I know it’s long, I think its worthwhile reading… and if you have something more to offer up – please do in comments! This is kinda like the “You know when you’re a CrossFitter when” blog….Enjoy!

The smaller lessons of CrossFit by Brandon Oto
Some things I’ve learned in the past 18 months. You may not agree. More suggestions are welcome, though *I* may not agree…
1. CrossFit is very, very hard. Unlike most things, it does not get easier and may actually get harder. This is a daunting prospect.
2. You can learn to CrossFit extremely well on your own with the internet as a resource. However, it will add 6-12 months to your learning curve and 1-2 injuries along the way.
3. You can work out on your own, but working out with others is almost always far better.
4. The impressive feat is not digging deep and pushing through pain at the end of the workout. Anyone can do that. The impressive feat is hauling *** as you reach the middle — right after you realize what’s ahead of you and how much you already hurt.
5. The impressive feat is not going balls-to-the-wall in a single workout. It’s doing it the next day. And the next. And the next. Forever.
6. The hardest part of training is consistency. It is also the most important. You can do nearly anything if you show up every day.
7. Everyone needs to rest. Your body is not a machine. (Look at how many people take a week off and set six PRs when they return.) Your mind is not a computer. (As Garrett Smith likes to point out, continual stress is not actually healthy.) “Burnout” is physical, mental, emotional, logistical, and a little bit like combining ennui with despair. When you no longer want to work out, rest.
8. If your breaks start cropping up constantly, either take a longer one (or a different training focus for a while) or just slap yourself and stop slacking.
9. The fewer mundane obstacles to working out, the easier it is to be consistent. If there are two gyms in your area and one is a little better but farther, go to the nearer one.
10. Try music and see if it helps. Try planning out your workouts (picking a time to shoot for and breaking down how you’ll get there) and see if it helps. Try the supplements and see if they help.

11. For 90% of us, diet is crucial to good progress. For the other 10%, diet is crucial to reaching elite levels.
12. Keep your nails trimmed short but long enough to comfortably cover your fingers and toes. Too long will get broken; too short will cause bleeding when, say, you use a hook grip. File your callouses every time you shower.
13. Chalk is better than gloves except to cover a wound, which tape does better than either except for holes in the web of your thumb.
14. You don’t need as much chalk as you think. You keep rechalking because you’re a spaz and the bar is scaring you.
15. The workout will last only a little while and you will feel happy again within a few minutes afterward. This is the only positive thought you can have while you work, but it is the important one.
16. The fear leading up to your workout can last many times longer than the workout. Find a way to manage this or CrossFit will begin to dominate your life.
17. Do not let CrossFit dominate your life unless you are a coach or trying to be the first sponsored pro CrossFitter.
18. The paradox of CrossFit is that it is an isolated system that attempts to make you better at everything else. If you never leave that system, you will forget the point. Regularly “step outside” and play a game of basketball, drop in on a step aerobics class, climb a mountain, or arm wrestle everyone in the bar. Sometimes you need to be reminded that you’re extremely fit compared to everyone who’s not a dedicated athlete, and that the gallons of sweat you’ve exuded have accomplished something significant. Call it ego or anything. The best CrossFitters may not need this, but they get the ego boost of beating the rest of the CrossFitters anyway.

19. Regularly learn and play new sports.
20. By the time you are an advanced novice, you will begin to learn your strengths. By the time you are intermediate, you will know most of your weaknesses. Addressing your weaknesses is the only way you will become advanced.
21. Logging your workouts is a little silly at the very beginning, but the sooner you start, the more data you’ll have later.
22. You can push harder than that.
23. If your Olympic lifts are more or less correct, but still limited by form, the problem is probably the bar path.
24. Buy Starting Strength right now. You’re doing it wrong.
25. Half of the reason your workouts suck is because you’re not strong enough. Get stronger and your “metcon” problems will diminish.
26. Strength develops fast at first then slows at the intermediate level. It takes a long time to lose.
27. Metcon develops quite fast, as long as the strength exists to express it.
28. Technique can take a long time to develop or not very long, depending on many variables.
29. That place you’re usually sore is where you’re weak.
30. Your grip may or may not limit you right now, but at some point it will if you’re not proactive about developing it.
31. When comparing yourself to other CrossFitters, understand that some of them are lifelong athletes and some of them did nothing before this. The difference in terms of progress between these groups is massive.
32. Muscular endurance is always a factor.

33. Very few things improve without focused effort on them.
34. Extremely intense and consistent effort on WoDs is a fast jetstream to improvement.
35. A lot of stuff on this forum is useless, but there is at least one person who knows anything you want to know. Search first, then ask, read all of the responses, pay attention to the ones that make sense and match what you already know, and ignore the ridiculous ones. In this way you can learn nearly anything.
36. Spend time with other websites, forums, and resources to understand the non-CrossFit perspective.
37. You’re not fully extending at the hips when you Olympic lift, and you’re bending your arms too soon.
38. Everyone has cheat meals. Find out if you do better with small cheating or big cheating. The advantage of big cheating is that you feel like crap afterwards and the food looks gross again, which will help to remind that it’s not so great after all. If you cheat small, this is not an excuse to cheat often; that’s not cheating, that’s just a mediocre diet.
39. Seek out new foods and new ways to cook them, or you will lose your mind with monotony. Everything you walk by in the produce section should be something you’ll eat.
40. Canned salmon or tuna is a good emergency protein source when you’re in a hurry or haven’t shopped. Some cans of salmon are exactly five blocks.
41. Determine how much of your carb intake you can get through low-density vegetables without exploding or going insane. Get the rest with fruit and don’t worry about it.
42. Expensive extra virgin olive oil is a waste if you’re just stir-frying with it.

43. You can stir-fry anything but “anything” will usually be mediocre.
44. Salt improves everything and is almost always necessary.
45. Looking into a mirror with your own eyes is a very unreliable method of judging body fat and muscle mass.
46. You’re not supposed to have a chronic pain. You’re doing something wrong or you have an injury. Deal with it.
47. Running and swimming are very hard, very specific in terms of metabolic and muscular development, very technique-dependent, and you need to work on them more.
48. If you’re on this forum, you are probably spending too much of your time and attention in the zone of CrossFit. If you do this in the long term, this essentially means you are dedicating yourself to training for a non-existent life.
49. There is nothing like gymnastics rings, a Concept2 rower, a jump rope, or a medicine ball. When you sub for these, you’re doing a different workout.
50. Everybody is different.

CFSF Rules to Live By…The CFSF 10 Commandments!

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Mary and Bolge Strategizing pre-WOD

This is one of the greatest “Goal” questions I have ever heard, “If you knew exactly what it would take win (hit all of your health and fitness goals), when would you do it?”

Let’s take a self evaluation check right now…Stop whatever you are doing for a minute and ask yourself these very important questions:

-How long have I been doing CrossFit?
-What are MY Goals? Not the B.S. lose weight, get fit, blah, blah, blah…No REALLY, what are my REAL goals?***Do you even have goals?…If you don’t you are in trouble:-0
-Have I done everything in my power to get to MY goals?

So what if I told you if you could follow a list…a very simple list, you could achieve those goals…GUARANTEED, NO MATTER WHAT, NO DOUBT ABOUT, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, GET IT DONE EVERYTIME!!! Well herrrrre you go:

1-Do CrossFit 5 days a week: Now don’t get me wrong, if you do 3 days a weeks currently you are on a great plan and building a foundation for success, you will get a ton a of results, but I will be honest this will not get you bulletproof, life changing, earthshattering results!
***Reason why this is #1 versus nutrition/sleep or any of the other ones is because in our opinion everything begins and ends with your WODs, you will be much more motivated and accountable if and when you begin the habit of a 5 day a week WOD program.

2-Adopt a Paleo/Primal eating lifestyle: It’s all about performance, a lean bodyfat, and building and maintaining muscle mass (that’s right ladies MUSCLE! Don’t worry muscle make you look like Annie and not Nicole BASS) What you eat will dictate up to 80% of how you look and how you will feel. It’s that simple. If you don’t know where to start: Do these 3 things:
-Read the Paleo Diet and Primal Blueprint
-Start attending our PaleoHolics class
-Cook, cook, cook, you MUST be able to cook to succeed. If you don’t cook or don’t like to, then suck it up and learn how to do it and like it! Nobody was born a cooker we all started from Day 1.

3-Sleep: Ahhhhhh! I know, I know…I don’t have time to sleep! I work, I have kids, I can’t go to bed early, I have trouble sleeping…blah blah blah…yaddy yadda ya
Listen up sleeping is a habit, just like breathing, starting a CrossFit program, changing your diet, etc etc. If it’s hard for you it’s because you haven’t been doing for a really long time. And with that it is going to be a hard maybe long adjustment, but you can do it. There are plenty of tricks, habits and things you can do to change that. We will provide more of this at a later blog. But for now, google, wikipedia, research it.

4-Drink ALOT of Water: Think about this one logically. If our body is made up of 78%ish of water and if we breathe, move a single muscle, walk, talk, sleep, WOD, blink our eyes, go to the bathroom, sweat we will use that water. My guess is you will NEED to replenish that multiple times a day if you plan on doing more of it.

5-Get YOUR Family and Friends involved: I know, this can be a tough one. We can only invite, suggest, persuade and encourage them but it is on them to go. At least express to them that this is very important to you (this would also be a good time to tell and explain to them YOUR REAL Goals) and when they see you looking, feeling and acting more plesant they will do 1 of 2 things: they will like the new you better than the old you or they will ask about it and want to check out whatever you are doing. The reality is if you involve important people in your life with CrossFit and Paleo they will help hold you accountable and you will help hold them accountable…it’s a WINWIN:-) It’s also really cool to share this AWESOME stuff with loved ones.

Look out for a future post of the 6-10.
*These are in order BTW*

Now some of you are like, “Well Chris, I already do that…DO YOU? And some of you might say, “Damn Chris, that is HARD! There is NO way I can do that.” Then Recco (i.e. Chris Mello) says, “Well why can so and so do it and you can’t? and “How come this person that has less money, less time, more kids, a crappier car, less athletic ability, How come she is getting it done (results/following the plan) and YOU aren’t!?

Hey I said they were simple…not easy:-)

So, how do you stack up with the first 5 Commandments? Any thoughts? Please post.

This Week’s Announcements and Events Upcoming:

All Saturday Classes are Park WODs: Join us at Spellberg Park for 830a, 930a, and 1030a followed by a Post WOD BBQ.
Nancy 7 Week Challenge Announced: Prelim’s June 26th, Finals Aug 14th. Open to ALL LEVELS. Sign up at the Box
CrossFit Teens: starts next week!!! Inquire within

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

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Congrats to Lance Monteau!

Lance has been with CrossFit Sioux Falls since February. Since Day 1 Lance came in with a positive and motivating attitude. Lance has been a student of fitness his entire life and has trained with a variety of regiments and routines. He has been intrigued by the CrossFit programming for quite some time and was eager to get involved in the program. And since the day he started we have since him progress and improve from his conditioning to his strength to his form and technique.

Lance thank you for all you do and bring to our CFSF community. You are greatly appreciated.

This Week’s Announcements and Events Upcoming:

All Saturday Classes are Park WODs: Join us at Spellberg Park for 830a, 930a, and 1030a followed by a Post WOD BBQ.
Nancy 7 Week Challenge Announced: Prelim’s June 26th, Finals Aug 14th. Open to ALL LEVELS. Sign up at the Box
CrossFit Teens: starts next week!!! Inquire within

Voices in Your Head During “The WOD”

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Fun Times with "Angie"
ThrowBack #5: Cool Pic from “Angie” in May 2009

“CrossFit is HARD!!!”, Jim Leyse

What are YOUR thoughts during a WOD?…How do you talk to in your head to get you through the WOD?
-Do you count down? Count Up?
-Do you yell at yourself? Encourage yourself? Are you your best cheerleader?
-Do you cuss?
-Do you look at where others in the class are at?
-Do you worry about being 1st vs. Last?
-Do you breathe???
-Do you cheat??? Or do you want to and don’t?
-Do you worry about the coach coming over to check you?

What are YOUR thoughts that surround YOUR head during a WOD? Tell us.

Happy Friday!

Download Forms

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Mem Group Pic

Anyone Remember that Pic?

Ever run out of Workout Logs?
What’s an Elite Fitness Tracker?
What if you need that Checklist for Success Sheet?

Look to your right from this screen. You can now download it at your fingertips.

Park WOD Grand Opening…Saturday May 29

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ThrowBack pic number 3...What do you get when you have 4 guys doing situps...

This week began new breed of CFSF classes called “Park WODs”. They are fun, in the sun, and full of intense innovative WODs.

Saturday May 29th all Saturday classes will be Park WODs for that day located at Spellberg Park. We will have an 830a, 930a, and 1030a. And the Post WOD Paleo BBQ will be immediately following the 1030a class at the Park. Come join us to kick off this exciting day. You can register like normal on the class schedule.

CrossFit Improves you Fitness for sureā€¦but its much much more.

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ThrowBack Week continues…One of our favorite blogs. Posted back in August of last year.

Any updated thoughts?
Anyone that wasn’t at CFSF at that time want to comment?

Whenever I sit down with a prospective CrossFitter in an introductory appointment we obviously talk about goals. General responses are tone up, lose body fat, look and feel better.

I assure everyone that YOUR goals are totally possible and YOU can reach them in a fair amount of time. But CrossFit gives you more than just the physical benefits. I tell everyone CrossFit brings you much much more than fitness results. It improves your confidence, mental toughness, self esteem, you stand taller, it gives you another outlet to an amazing community where friendships are built, and the list goes on and on.

How has CrossFit not only improved your fitness but other aspects of your life?