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“it’s just the warm-up.” – if that is your attitude you will be DOMINATED!!!

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Say Hello to the Warmup King

By now most of YOU CrossFitters know or have met the “King of All Warmups” a.k.a. Greg Nelson. When Greg steps into the box he has one thing on his mind…”Dominate the Warmup!” Greg knows that the warmup is the key to mentally and physcially prepare himself for the task (WOD) at hand.

There are a TON of benefits that result from an effective warmup.

A proper warm up can increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, less risk of injury and improved performance. Additional benefits of warming up include physiological and psychological preparation.

Benefits of a Proper Warm Up:

•Increased Muscle Temperature – The temperature increases within muscles that are used during a warm up routine. A warmed muscle both contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly. In this way both speed and strength can be enhanced. Also, the probability of overstretching a muscle and causing injury is far less.

•Increased Body Temperature – This improves muscle elasticity, also reducing the risk of strains and pulls.

•Blood Vessels Dilate – This reduces the resistance to blood flow and lower stress on the heart.
•Improve Efficient Cooling – By activating the heat-dissipation mechanisms in the body (efficient sweating) an athlete can cool efficiently and help prevent overheating early in the event or race.

•Increased Blood Temperature – The temperature of blood increases as it travels through the muscles, and as blood temperature rises, the amount of oxygen it can hold becomes reduced. This means a slightly greater volume of oxygen is made available to the working muscles, enhancing endurance and performance.

•Improved Range of Motion – The range of motion around a joint is increased.

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Never again underestimate the power of a proper WARMup.