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The Top Ten Reasons Women Should Do CrossFit

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on August 26, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

I Found this on a CrossFit Tshirts…Thought all of the strong powerful Women of CrossFit Sioux Falls would appreciate this!!!!

10. Because weak and feminine are not the same.

9. Because you fear no challange

8. Because you should train like an athlete not a hamster.

7. Because you refuse to be a damsel in distress.

6. Because you don’t need machines… are the machine!

5. Because you have yet to realize your full physical potential

4. Because aerobics is sooo 1980’s.

3. Because that which does not kill you will only make you stronger

2. Because you’re willing to sweat, not just glisten.

1. Because there is just nothing cooler than a strong woman!

CrossFitters give us some of your reasons women should CrossFit………