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Hey PaleoHolics…This one is for you!

Posted in Nutrition on August 27, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Jason aka The Mayor of CFSF is in the PLC II. Are you?

We have 20 people officially signed up for the Paleo LEANing Challenge beginning September 18th. We ONLY have 30 spots available…don’t get left behind!!!

Educating yourself about the Paleolithic Diet is step 1 to success not only in the challenge, but in your health, body composition, quality of life, CrossFit WODs, etc…

Most of you are familiar with and may have already read the Paleo Diet Book.

Well the next step to further your education and success is getting to know Robb Wolf aka “The Witch Doctor of Nutrition” as I like to call him. His new BOOK is almost out on shelves. His BLOG has enough information for you to receive a degree in Paleo’ology’.

Your next courses of action:

1- Sign up for the Paleo LEANing Challenge
2- Read the Paleo Diet and order the Paleolithic Solution
3- Start gettin after the info on