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What makes a Great CrossFit Coach?

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Casey is always ready to push you to YOUR next level!

We would like to take the time to officially welcome Casey Mouw as our newest addition to the CrossFit Sioux Falls training staff. Casey is currently a collegiate wrestler at Augustana College going for his B.S. in Fitness Management. Casey has proven himself to not only be a great athlete but a fantastic coach as well. We are very lucky to have him be apart of our community.

Read more about Casey on his bio HERE

What makes a GREAT CrossFit COACH? Casey, Cody, Annie and myself uphold professional standards, that “raise our game” in the field. Every day we focus on living by these key principles to live by to provide “Our Best”

1. Teaching
• Effectively instructs and articulates each movement.
• Focuses on key points and avoids over emphasizing subtle nuances.
• Uses the CrossFit progressions for teaching the more complex movements.

2. Visual perspicacity
• Keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration
• Has an excellent ability to discern both gross and subtle form faults.
• Does not miss things and knows what to look for in each movement.
• “The Hawk” – have a mental check list, move around, look at everyone, try to catch everything and pounce on it.
• Without the ability to “see” your training will be sub standard.

3. Presence, voice, command
• Speaks loudly and clearly at all times, modulates voice well, is confident, engaging, commanding.
• Talks just enough to be effective and not at the expense of keeping people moving.
• Demonstrates training as a performance: Be the big YOU (authentic but big), Modulate voice and presence for effect.
• Side note: Training as marketing. You are “on.”

4. Attitude
• Is neither hypercritical nor overly lenient on standards = Balance “form nazi” with celebrating small improvements. Not saying something is good if it is not good, not ignoring small improvements in the right direction.
• Has the ability to genuinely engage a group/individual. Tunes into the personality of the trainee… not all treated the same. At the very least treat trainees with some humanity, conversation, know names etc.
• Is fun and interesting, enthusiastic, smiles, and elicits smiles from others. Gets people moving well or towards well and gets them to enjoy it. Obvious passion for training

5. Managing a Group
• Fosters and maintains group/class cohesion.
• Keeps interest of all at all times, despite difference in experience and ability.
• Engages students by helping them see what he/she sees. Runs the group as a classroom. Create your future trainers. Ex: Heavy Days – teach the major cues then gest people to watch each other – involve them as trainers.

6. Demonstration
• Ensures consistency between what he/she describes and what is demonstrated.
• Trainer knows his/her limits for demonstration but can find a suitable example to replace him/herself while maintaining credibility.
• When using self for demo, does so briefly and then orchestrates the group verbally so he/she can walk around and see others.
(-Courtesy of CFLA and

Did we miss anything? Have anything to add? Let us know.

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