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CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete(s) of the Week

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Members on June 21, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Good Lookin Oly Group

This is the most AOW’s ever this week!

We would like to congratulate all the coaches and the students that attended the Olympic Lifting Certification this past weekend. Kudos to Hali Watson, Korena Chester, Tracy Kuipers, Matt “FTS” Byers, Chris P, Browny, Mary Booms, Casey, Cody B, Annie and Chris Mello. Also, our former ROCKSTAR CrossFitter’s Garrett Strating and Nate Hart.

Personally I feel it was the best cert I have been too. It had every component you need to educate, motivate and learn the skillz to successfully coach athletes and members of any level. To let all of you know this is an unusually LARGE attendance to a CrossFit certification from a single affiliate.

We are so proud of everyone who attended and have NO DOUBT this weekend we raised the level of coaching and excellence at CFSF.

A special thanks to the Olympic Lifting Coaching staff as we were very impressed with the entire weekend. A BIG THANK YOU to Coach Mike Burgener.

Look out everybody the bar has been raised significantly!

Everyone who attended the cert please post your thoughts and feedback about this weekend to the comments.

And CFSF please post your congratulations to the group.

This Saturday’s Park WOD

Posted in CrossFit Workouts on June 18, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

-1X–Run around ‘the bowl’
-3X– 25 mountain climbers, 20 side lunges, 15 inverted burpees, 10 Hindu pushups (sweeping pushup)


Teams of 2, each team lines up facing the hill…
For Time:
-100 pushups
-200 situps
-300 squats

**One partner does the reps, the other partner is the pace-setter who runs up and down the hill one time. When the pace setter returns from the hill run, they will pick up where the rep count was left off by other partner (continuous count).

**For example, Chris and Casey are partners…3, 2, 1, Go!…Chris starts on pushups, Casey runs the hill. When Casey returns from the hill run, he switches with Chris. Chris left off at 26 pushups, Casey starts at 27, 28, etc. while Chris runs up and down the hill once. They continue to switch off reps and hill runs until the reps are complete, then go on to situps, then squats

We encourage you to:
-bring a water bottle, towel or mat
-stopwatch or some type of timer
-a chipper Saturday morning attitude
-camera to take fun action shots

Post teams and time to the comments

CrossFit Chicks ARE HOT!!!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on June 18, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Read this article by Louis Hayes from the CrossFit Journal:


CrossFit chicks are hot.
Ever hear that saying? Well, it’s true. And here’s why: Being “hot” has a lot more to it than physical appearance. Plenty of women and girls have all the physical componentsand gifts of the cover girl but simply “aren’t hot.”And then there are those magnetic ones who might never be a runway model but are irresistible.

Click on this link and read more on Why we are as HOT as we ARE!!!!

Got Snatch???

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How many of you can say you have completed a full snatch?

There is only a special population who can actually perform the snatch with the right technique. I received the blog off of the CrossFit main site, and hopefully it doesn’t help out people who are just looking to improve their snatch, but for those who have no idea what the snatch is.

As you read on, you will find out that snatch not only increases strength, but other benefits that will increase your athletic ability and every day movements. So no matter what the goal is with CrossFit; be it fat loss, strength gain, increasing performance…when you learn this powerful movement called the “snatch” it will make everything you do much much easier…I guarantee it!

The full snatch is one of the most complicated movements in all of sports. An athlete has to pull a weight upward with force and speed, then completely reverse his mental keys to explode downward under the still-moving bar. To be able to perform a snatch with a maximum poundage is a feat of strength without peer.

Full snatches have value for all athletes because they involve so many of the larger muscle groups in a dynamic fashion. In fact, every muscle in the body is activated during the execution of a full snatch, including smaller groups such as the biceps and calves.

The snatch is a high-skill movement, so every rep requires absolute concentration on the part of the athlete, which means the nervous system receives much more stimulation than when a static exercise is done. Whenever an athlete masters the technique in the full snatch, he has learned to trigger the necessary form cues instantly, and this skill is transferred to all his other athletic endeavors.

In other words, learning how to do a full snatch benefits not only strength but many other athletic attributes, such as flexibility, coordination, foot speed, balance, timing, determination, mental acuity, you name it!

By: Cody B

Ahhhh Those were the Days

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Lifestyle on June 16, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Cleaning the whiteboard or scared to show the WOD? You make the call

Do you remember your first day at CrossFit? Whether it was last week or last year.

Maybe it was exciting, maybe it was overwhelming, or more likely it was some combination of the two. Chances are, you had a little voice in your head that was somehow convincing you that everyone else in the room knew exactly what they were doing and you were the ONLY one who didn’t know how all this stuff works. You may also have been convinced you were going to be dead last in the workout and slower than anyone ever previously seen at CFSF.

None of those things were true, of course, but they felt true that day. And what may have helped you through those early scary days was a friendly smile or helpful suggestion from a veteran classmate. Remember that! Now that you’re a pro at this stuff (and you ARE), when you see a new face in class, say hello. If they look lost, show them where things are. YOU can make a difference in the experience of your classmates, and ultimately, their journey toward health and fitness.

Taken from:

This Weekend’s Schedule Update

Posted in Events, Members on June 15, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Some of you may have noticed we have cancelled classes this coming Saturday.

We are excited to announce that all the coaches (Chris, Annie, Casey, Cody, Browny and Mary) plus Korena, Hali, Tracy, Chris Peterson, and Matt Byers are attending the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification in Little Canada, MN. This is an unusually high number of attendees for a specific certification for a single affiliate. We feel honored that not only all the coaches are attending at once but all of the members that are able to accompany us. We feel this will elevate all of CFSF to a higher level of excellence in our coaching and athletes performance. Stay posted to our facebook and MattyB’s twitter account for ongoing updates.

We are organizing an informal Park WOD this Saturday at 9am. We will be posting a Park WOD workout and details of Saturday on both CrossFit and Park WOD blogs Friday evening. We encourage everyone who usually attends Saturday WODs to join everyone in the fun and the sun.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Our Best,

Chris and Annie

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on June 14, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Nothing will stop Kelsie not even a broken arm in Feb

Congrats to Kelsie Goddard! This is a bitter/sweet AOW for us.

Bitter, because this is her last week with us. She is moving to Colorado on Thursday and we are really going to miss her at CFSF.

Sweet, because Kelsie is a true CrossFitter. She works hard, is always positive and is an awesome person to be around. The picture above says a lot about Kelsie. She broke her arm in the winter snowboarding but that didn’t stop her from working out. When most people would use that as an excuse to stop everything all together, Kelsie never thought twice about quitting and pushed herself even harder. She is a shining example to all of us.

Kelsie thank you for all you do and bring to the CFSF community! We are going to miss you a lot.