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CrossFit vs. P90x

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, In the News, Members on October 2, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Best ab exercise out there.

Best ab exercise out there.

Now before I say anything, I am not against P90x. Annie and I have the set of DVDs and do them in addition to our CrossFit training. Funny thing is, I still watch the infomercials when I see them on TV. I think there is nothing wrong with P90x. I like it. But it is funny to me when I hear people say, “Isn’t CrossFit like P90x?” Or, “P90x is just as tough as CrossFit”. That is when I disagree. From the outside looking in, I can understand how the average gym goer may think they are similar, but after you read this you will have an educated opinion about the differences between the two.

Click HERE and read this blog by Catalyst Gym, a CrossFit affiliate, and post your comments.

Then you will know what to tell your family and friends that ever make that comment.