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One Day at a Time at CrossFit Sioux Falls

Posted in Lifestyle on April 2, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Chris, Michelle and I were filing through some old pictures from the blog. It’s crazy to compare the way people have changed from a year ago, or even just this past fall. Not just in appearance and level of fitness, but also the person as a whole.

This made me think, huge changes like these are so noticeable comparing now with a year ago. What about all of the hard work and discipline (and personal change) that took place between point A and B? It’s so easy for us to think that our goals will happen immediately if we work hard. The hard truth is that any goal or any worthwhile thing we pursue can only happen one way; one day at a time.

Habits (good or bad) aren’t built in a day, but actually several days of the same, consistent action. Weight loss doesn’t happen in a week, it happens in weeks and months. Gains in strength, flexibility, [insert weakness or goal here]; they all take consistency, time, and progression. Every gain you want to make or goal you want to achieve takes time.

When you get discouraged, remember this. Tomorrow is another day, come back and keep working hard; one day at a time.
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