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CFSF Rules to Live By: Throw away your scale!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Lifestyle, Members on April 29, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Kimmy and Amy are taking their FITness to the next level

For those of you who have been CrossFitting for a while know that CrossFit is a very very different way of getting FIT vs. the traditional/globol/commercial gym way.

Counting calories, FAT free diets, slim fast BS, and weighing yourself every 10 minutes is NOT the way to get FIT PERMANETLY!

When you CrossFit gaining weight is a “GOOD” thing:-)

CrossFitters know that when you gain weight you gain MUSCLE.

CrossFitters know that muscle is our BFF because muscle is the only natural and best FATburner on the market.

CrossFitters know that muscle burns FAT 24/7.

CrossFitters know that muscle helps us not only prevent injury but also help you heal previous injuries faster and better.

Lastly, CrossFitters know that muscle makes you lean, long and strong.

When you have a ROCK HARD Body do you really care how much you weigh on that “SCALE”…I think not:-)

So CrossFitters tell us your “throwing away the scale story”.

And if you haven’t throw that scale away yet…what are you waiting for???