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CFSF Rules to Live By at the Box…Journaling Your WOD is MANDATORY!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Lifestyle, Members on September 8, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Now that everyone is back in there ‘normal’ fall routine. Its time we discuss something very simple, sometimes overlooked, but MANDATORY to get you to your goals and beyond…JOURNAL every WOD every time!

I have to admit I am guilty to not journaling every WOD I do…but that all changes TODAY!

We all do CrossFit because we desire to take our fitness to the next level and in order to “Take it to the Next Level” you must have YOUR journaling habits in place.

A lot you are guilty to “NOT JOURNALING”. When you forget, get lazy, not “FEEL” like it, or don’t want to; then you are GUILTY as charged.

If and when you feel like you any of those characteristic next time look at the people who are journaling, most every single person that is, is probably BETTER than you at CrossFit currently. So if you copy the habits they do, then you will get their type of results.

Why do this? There are a ton of reasons. The main benefits include:

– Accurate tracking of progress through logging work out variables
– Effective and precise planning of future work outs (knowing how you performed previously will eliminate guesswork). It is 100% objective, no excuses, nothing wishy washy, just accurate data you can’t argue.
– Heightened motivation and intensity through striving to beat previous bests. (boy do we know about that…)
– Increased focus and efficiency through having a clear, written plan.

Your goals and results are at your fingertips…LITERALLY!

To get an idea of what your journal MUST look like…

Confess now if you are guilty and make it up by declaring your will start the journaling habit today!

If you are an avid journal’er help everyone out and tell us why you journal and the importance it has had for you and your success at CF.