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CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on September 13, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Congrats to Jenna aka Buttercup for becoming our next Athlete of the Week.

“Why is Jenna’s nickname ‘Buttercup'”???

Well because Jenna, Court and Kelli formed the CrossFit Sioux Falls Power Puff girls. Because they all embody the 4 P’s…

What the heck are the 4 P’s???…Funny, I had to ask Mary the same thing myself.

Positive: Because she always has a smile on her face and a great attitude everyday.
Powerful: Because she attacks the weights and the WODs everyday.
Persistent: Becasue she always is looking to improve herself. Jenna will be entering the Paleo LEANing Challenge II this Saturday to take her health to a HIGHER LEVEL.
Productive: Because she does the 3 characteristics above she will always excel with her CrossFitting.

Jenna thank you for all you do and bring to the CFSF community.

We appreciate you!