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If You Restrict Yourself Too Much, You Will GORGE…

Posted in Lifestyle, Nutrition on October 7, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

After trying every diet known to man, and helping people with diet and exercise for ten plus years …. I have seen this time and time again Gorging!

People do a complete 360 cut out everything known to man for 7 weeks (or less depending on the person), and once the 7 weeks is over its gorge city!!!

As humans we are not expected to be perfect. If you are really making a “lifestyle” change, there are going to be times that we will cheat. As long as we are balancing our food with tons of positives, a little negative here and there is not going to hurt us. It will only make us feel like we are not “dieting”.

A phrase you will commonly hear me use is “there is a reason the word DIE is in diet”.

Truly make this a lifestyle change, not just a challenge. Take this opportunity and really apply it to your daily life not just for these 7 weeks, but for a lifetime!!

Watch this video below and find out what happens when we restrict ourselves for too long……