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Who is your CrossFit Sioux Falls CheerLeader???

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Its a bird, its a plane, NO...its LDs CF CheerLeader Perry!!!

Okay everyone…they are out there. Could be a family member, a co-worker, your neighbor, a friend of a friend…

Who is your CrossFit Sioux Falls CheerLeader?

Tell us about them:

-Do they support your CF efforts? How?
-Do they talk how they are going to start soon??? And they don’t.
-Do they NOT support you? (Sometimes, believe it or not, they DONT support you) Why don’t they?
-Were you a former CF CheerLeader and now you have seen the light? How did you do it?

Sound off CFSF. Paint us a picture:-)

I can’t because…

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on December 8, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

TK shows what YOU SHOULD look like after a WOD

Couldn’t have said it better myself:-D
“In CrossFit (as in life) you can have either excuses or results, but not both.

You may have a very ‘valid’ excuse for not getting your work done on time, not keeping your back arched, not having any money saved up, not going all the way down on your squat or whatever, but the reality is that if you have an excuse then there’s something awesome you’re missing out on.

I’d be willing to bet that whatever it is, it’s probably something you want REALLY bad, yet for some reason you seem to find all kinds of reason you *can’t* get it, do it or be it, and it always seems to be caused by something completely outside of your control.

I call BULLSH*T!!!

The truth is that if you want results you’ll eliminate the excuses and find a way. I don’t care what the excuse is, how valid it is, how good it is, or how often it has happened to you – if you can articulate a reason that you don’t have the results you would ideally like to have, and if that reason remotely involves anything you can’t control, then you’ve got an excuse. And I hope it’s a really good one, because you’ve decided to live with IT instead of that result.

One of my favorite Greg Glassman quotes is, “Winners are remarkably adept at figuring out what’s required to win.” You’ll notice the ‘never say die’ kind of undertone to it. It doesn’t say “Winners are remarkably adept at finding excuses for why they can’t win.” Stop whining and get to it.

Another quote that bears mentioning was from the movie “The Rock”, where Sean Connery says to Nicolas Cage, “Losers always whine about their ‘best’…winners go home and f*** the prom queen.”

So get over yourself and lose the excuses. Nobody wants to hear them anyway. Get the results you want – it’s way cooler to be a badass than to whine about all the things holding you back.”


Amazing Weekend Happening for a CFSF Member

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Old School Pic of Jimmy Oct 09

This weekend one of our CFSF Stud’s, Jimmy Leyse, will be attending the Navy Seals Camp Weekend Course in Corondo, CA.

Jimmy and I have been talking about this camp for well over a year. Lately it has received a lot of press within the CrossFit community.

It is designed to stretch your mental and physical capabilities to the LIMIT!

To get an idea of what in store for Jimmy. Read below:

“The Kokoro camp was 50 hours long, no sleep, few breaks, plenty of water and snacks, and non-stop physical and mental training. I’d detail out the whole weekend but that would be long and redundant so I’ll try to summarize what I mean by physical and mental training. On the grind: cement square at base camp, we’d do push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squats, lunges, jumps, bear crawls, commando crawls, mountain climbers, and one workout with sandbags. Log PT: teams of 4-5 people shoulder log, walk/jog with it, do thrusters, squats, presses, overhead holds, sit-ups, bench presses, pushups with feet on, push it with feet to ocean and back up to shore, push with hands, wade into ocean, etc. Beach PT: On the beach sometimes with 40# pack sometimes without we’d do running, stairclimbs, pushups, squats, run to water and “get wet”, run to shore and “get sandy”, bearcrawls, walking lunges, partner carries, partner drags, run and stairclimb holding 30# rock, etc.

First night we also did “Murph” with our 40# packs on. The second night we did a 22 mile hike up and down a peak with about 3000′ elevation gain. I’d say out of the 50 hours 42 of it was spent moving, working, and exerting energy. It was the hardest 2 days I’ve encountered physically, and the mental side of it would have been much tougher if I had not been well prepared by college football coaches and various life experiences of overcoming adversity.

If I had to pick a favorite part of the weekend it would have to be the 22 mile hike from 9pm to 5;30 am on Saturday night. Not because the hike was particularly fun of scenic, although I did have some great hallucinations, but because of the lessons learned during that time. I learned more about teamwork and dealing with pain and discomfort that night than I had learned my previous years on this earth. I was chosen to lead a group of 6 men up and down the mountain. Within the 1st hour we were slowed by my buddy Rob, who had been peeing blood in the morning and was really struggling to keep up. I immediately unloaded the sandbag out of his pack and put it in mine, because I was better conditioned for long hikes and was feeling fine. For the next hour I had a 70# pack but it wasn’t an issue because I was more concerned about Rob’s health and didn’t have time to think about the weight. I was happy Rob was keeping up and feeling better. About 2 hrs into the hike another guy named Miles was falling behind and was complaining about bad blisters on his feet. Rob was feeling better so he took Miles’ pack. About 2.5 hrs in Larson had to stop because of blisters, he took off his shoes, bandaged up his heels, and put his pack back on. I asked him how he was doing and he replied, “they hurt real bad but I’ll be fine.” Larson didn’t ever complain again after that. Rob trudged on, probably more concerned with me and my 70# pack than he was with his own discomfort. I kept moving because there was nothing else to do, all I could think about was that I was glad I didn’t have blisters and that i wasn’t pissing blood, I could care less about the pack. There were probably two brief moments when I thought about how heavy my pack was, during those moments everything hurt, my shoulders ached, and I wanted to take the 2nd sandbag out. As long as I was focused on keeping my team moving, and worried about their well-being I was oblivious to the discomfort. Larson kept moving and didn’t complain for his own reasons, he was tough. Miles continued to talk about his blisters, and his flat feet and how he was in pain. He was the only guy in our group without a heavy pack on his back, yet he seemed to be in the most discomfort. I truly believe that just by vocalizing something, you affirm it and make it a reality. If I can talk about how good I feel, how nice the weather is at 3am, and how much I can’t wait to get to the beach and watch people surf while I do bear crawls, then I don’t give myself any room for negative or destructive thoughts. If I can focus so hard on the 5 other men in my group, their safety, well-being, and comfort, then my own discomfort becomes irrelevant and non-existent. The next day some guys were walking around with shoes off. Larson (non-complainer) had 2 huge, nasty blisters on his heels. Miles (complainer) had one small visible blister on his foot.

When working on a team, whether it be at Crossfit, at work, in sports, in a marriage, or as a part of a family, I think the same universal rules appply. I believe that when a person can shift the focus from themself to others, they can accomplish much more. I think that people can give great efforts on their own, but the most amazing feats of human performance have come when failing the person next to you is just not an option. I think the story of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae is the best example. There was not one great warrior searching for glory. There were 300 men who refused to let the guy next to them down. Think about this next time you are in a team environment, or leading a group, or sacrificing for your family. Instead of thinking about what you’re losing, think about what your team is gaining.”

Found at:

Best of luck Jim! It sounds like you are gonna need it.

Post some love to Jimmy as he embarks on this amazing weekend.

When you show up early…

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Happy Holidays from Rambo

Believe it or not, there are a lot of peeps who actually show up early for a class! When I am coaching, most people start the warmup early and with the extra time I’ll notice people standing off in the corner or chatting it up with someone else who is also early or just hanging out. If you are early (or hanging out after), this is a great time to work on your weaknesses or do some extra warm-up.

I was researching other CF’s and found a very cool blog about what to do with idle time when you show up early for a class.

“My favorite thing to do before every workout is a 1000m nice and easy row and then 50 GHD sit-ups/50 hip extensions. I break it up anyway I want. I am not in a hurry to get it done. It’s a great little accessory warm-up up to strengthen the hips, abs, and back. I rarely get sore from GHD workouts anymore. Give it a try! Or…. try rolling out a bit…or…practicing some gymnastics moves….or….going for a jog around the block with a friend…..or……working on your shoulder flexibility……etc, etc, etc. You get the idea. Of course, you can always just come in and chill out until your session starts. Nothing wrong with that either! It’s your gym. Use it as you see fit. Whatever you do…. Don’t download Angry Birds onto your cellphone. You’ll never get anything done if you do”

Found at:

Happy Thursday!

POST WOD Soreness???

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GHD situps can really make you SORE the next couple days after

CrossFit is HARD!!!

CrossFit makes you SORE! Sometimes really SORE!

One of the questions we always get when someone first signs up and understands that they will be sore in the beginning is, “What can I do to help with the SOREness?”

Most of us are pretty conscientious about preparing for an upcoming competition/CrossFit WODs, special athletic event or particularly grueling training session. We build our stamina. We hydrate. We take on extra fuel. We get a little extra rest.

But how much attention do you pay to the hours and days after you finish that century ride, alumni soccer game or 20-mile training run or Wed’s WOD?

Do you collapse on the couch, spent, and indulge in a double cheeseburger with fries to celebrate your achievement and the extra calories you burned?

Well we have a few TOP things to do to help with recovery and SOREness. Here YOU go…

1- Active Recovery: When we say “Rest Days” that does mean sit your *ss the couch and watch TV or go on the internet all day. “Rest Days” now means active recovery.

Under no circumstances “should anyone just stop,” says Lynn Millar, a professor of physical therapy at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Mich. Although conventional wisdom calls for stretching muscles while they’re warm, Millar has found that some people need an additional, gentle stretching session later.

“It may be more important to do some of that stretching three hours later,” she says. “That may help better at preventing that tightness or lack of range of motion.”

In a small 2008 study of women rock climbers, French and Belgian researchers found that active recovery – in this case, pedaling a stationary bike – removed lactate more quickly than other methods and led to better performance when the women went back onto the climbing wall 20 minutes later

Items that are MANADATORY for you to have:

Lacrosse ball
Foam Roller
-PVC pipe/broomstick
-Stretch band

2- Ice Baths: Ahhhhh this is HARD to do but gosh darn it, it works!

Nothing feels better on sore muscles after a tough workout than a hot shower or, if you have access to one, a steaming whirlpool. Haven’t we seen pro athletes doing this for years? Unfortunately, it may be the wrong way to go. It seems wherever you go now, someone is touting the benefits of an ice bath or, more technically, cold-water immersion.

It seems intuitive that cold would reduce the inflammation in overworked legs. Distance runners swear by the practice; they’ve been standing in buckets of icy water after races and workouts for years. An ice bath “constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling and tissue breakdown,” top ultra-marathoner Nikki Kimball wrote in Runner’s World in 2008. (For ultra-wusses like me, Kimball notes that she wears a down jacket, a hat and neoprene booties and drinks hot tea during her 20 minutes in a 50- to 59-degree tub.)

* Reason #1
* Reason #2

4- Chocolate Milk: It does a body good…actually it does:-)

Nancy Clark, a registered dietitian and author of “Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook,” says chocolate milk provides fluid, carbohydrates (sugar) to replenish your body’s supply, protein to promote muscle healing and the sodium that you’ve sweated away. Plus, it gives you that sated feeling that other products may not. A small University of Connecticut study found that fat-free chocolate milk seems to protect muscles better than a carbohydrate recovery drink.

Got Resolutions???

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on November 30, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Diesel is happy about making no more "Resolutions"

Ah yes, the time of year to start thinking about some new resolutions. Well maybe I should back up a step…

What is a resolution?

A quick read in Webster’s dictionary would answer this:
Resolution – (noun) – “An often ill advised pretend goal that is destined to fail from the start. These feeble attempts are made year after year with no avail. Often accepted by a lazy Western culture as a fun excuse to share with their friends in order to justify maintaining their current lack of fitness.”

“Hey…we tried right??? I think there is cake in the treat cube, let’s go.”

Now as a CrossFit athlete you are one of many fortunate members of an elite fitness community that doesn’t need “resolutions”. We have chosen to adjust our lifestyle for better living and get to enjoy it to boot.

This year I challenge you to support your family, friends, and co-workers when they speak of their “resolutions”. Remember the “you” of yester…and how YOU used to do the same thing. When they are complaining about their new “Sugar Cookie” Diet, and the Stair Monster at the global gym they just battled for 45 minutes while trying to read a magazine and watch TV. You get to talk about the great time you had today almost puking your guts out with your friends after trying to row your heart out and then throwing weight around like you did when you were 20. On January 23rd, when people with “resolutions” have already quit and have gone back to old habits, you are still hitting up the box every day wondering

“How fit R U”? Be proud of what you have accomplished…be even more proud of what you are about to accomplish.

I challenge you to be an example for those that fail with “resolutions”. Let them see your progress, and leave them wondering “How fit R U?” You lead by example without knowing; even if people haven’t said it…they are thinking it. Again…be proud of it. Be a spokes person or a role model this year. Keep spreading the good word.

If it had potential positive implications on their life, would you imply a simple tactic such as a “Livestrong” bracelet for motivation?

What if that same bracelet hit closer to home and allowed you to showcase how you now kick ass as the new you?

Well you are in luck… Just in are some rocking new bands to showcase part of your new lifestyle and perhaps a way to encourage other to embark on the new and improved life you have.

Bracelet or not…I’m not asking you to set “resolutions”…I’m just asking you to keep doing what you are doing. You are a CrossFit athlete, we are CrossFit Sioux Falls.

Bands on Sale NOW!
-1 for $3
-Both for $5

Yours Truly,


Intensity 101…A Step by Step Plan

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Thrusters with INTENSITY

OK, OK…we’ve all been there, you approach a set of 20, and plan out your mini sets prior to starting. “4 sets of 5…oh sh*t…scratch that, 5 x 4 instead…” I mean who cares??? I did my 20 reps right??

Coach is just yelling to yell, it’s what he is here for…it’s just random instruction and I got a workout in.

Well I don’t blame anyone if they don’t want to believe me…therefore I brought my friend “CrossFit” with me to crack an egg of knowledge on you.

Coming straight from a community that has been working with this brand of FITness for years, the CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”

-The constantly varied is easy, just look at the board every day.

Functional movements may not be as obvious, but it’s just the fact that the movements you go through during class will apply to your daily life whether you know it or not. But what is this “Intensity”?

Again letting the CrossFit model speak for itself, “Intensity is defined exactly as power, and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise.”

Why do I care again??
“Because compound or functional movements and high intensity is radically MORE EFFECTIVE at eliciting nearly any desired fitness result,” says CrossFit.

Why I am letting CrossFit making me sound smarter than I am? Because just like you don’t work out just work out…we don’t coach, just to coach. We want results and the fastest way to those very results? You guessed it… “Intensity”.

Being intense doesn’t mean you have to load up the bar with 500 pounds and grunt your way through a back squat.

Being intense also doesn’t mean you have the fastest time possible.

Even if you can’t currently perform a full body squat due to flexibility limitations, you can still be intense.

Instead of cranking out 20 as fast as you can at a comfortable depth, let’s eat a few seconds and get 1 centimeter deeper with each squat with our chest up, weight in our heels…all that good stuff. So here my form recognition was more intense, maybe tomorrow you can be more mentally intense.

When you approach that set of 20 you say “here we go, AMRAP this round”, this time you crank out 8 reps…well hitting 8 versus a predetermined 5 is more intense. It was nothing magical, it’s something everyone is capable of doing this TODAY.

Heck…you hear coaches talk about “Unbroken” go for it. Take a couple extra seconds before starting a set, get your breath and try and do the full 20 without stopping. Mix it up and maybe go a little heavier with the weight one day, or maybe be more vocal during the WOD while encouraging other athletes suffering at your side. If you haven’t picked up on it, intensity = results. Why do you think some WOD’s are less than 10 minutes? Because when done at high intensity, it will yield better results than an hour of the same exercises done without intensity.

Being intense doesn’t mean you have to or should sacrifice technique and range of motion. Nor does it mean we should be nazis about it. Finding that balance is what we will work on every day you step into the box. Think long term, it would be great to have a little faster time tomorrow, but most of us are merely training for life. So I don’t care if your Fran time is 2:00, or 20:00…be intense and get those down to 1:58 and 19:58, a PR is a better you. How do I PR??? Intensity my friend.

This is also a reason we encourage rest days… if you don’t, you will lose intensity, that is just the way it is. NO ONE…and I do mean NO ONE, is immune to this. If you train everyday…you need an intensity reality check, and will delay results. Remember CrossFit is observable, measureable and repeatable. Check your journals, check your PR’s (Personal Records). Don’t take my word for it…the proof is in the paleo pudding. CrossFit is open source and doesn’t pretend to hide its methods…we don’t make this stuff up.

Anyhow…find a way to be more intense…give CFSF that and we can promise results and will leave you setting new, higher goals both at the box and out.

Forging Elite Fitness.

Yours truly,


Inside the Mind of our Women’s Paleo Champ

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Paleo Eating + CFSF is the winning combo for KS

Post Challenge Letter

This has been more than a 7 week challenge for me. When thinking about what to write, I realize that this has been a yearlong challenge.

It started in October of 2009 when I bought the first Paleo Diet book. It was foreign to me. No breads, no dairy, no sugar!

What would I eat??

I remember telling Chris that I wouldn’t get past breakfast. I put the Paleo book away for some time. I kept coming to CFSF and was dedicated to working out. However, I kept filling my body with garbage.

Why would I take two steps forward with working out and then one step back by eating poorly???

I finally decided that if I wanted to see improvements in my workouts and in my body, I needed to make changes in my diet. It was a slow change for me. It started by eating better on the days that I knew I was coming to the box. I knew I couldn’t complete a WOD with my stomach full of tacos, pizza, chips, etc. From there I focused on one meal at a time. I started with breakfast and realized that there is more than just cereal and milk. Then I eliminated milk and decreased the amount of bread I was eating. I kept reading the Paleo book and educating myself.

My goals were to lose belly fat and increase my energy.

But could I make it through 49 days??

I tried a mini Paleo challenge in July and quit after 2 weeks.

Did I have enough time to prepare foods?

Did I have enough willpower to stay away from Coke and sweets?

What would my friends and family say?

By the time the 7 week challenge started I was focused, determined, and ready to expand my Paleo eating.

For this challenge, there were no excuses. I was the one putting food in my mouth. I spent time on Sundays getting food ready for the week. I went from eating out at lunch everyday to packing my lunch. I knew I needed to stay away from fast food restaurants, especially the ones with Coke. I also needed healthy snacks so I wouldn’t be tempted by peanut butter M&Ms. I left the house every morning with one bag for lunch, one bag filled with snacks, and a big bottle of water. One point that I want to make clear… I ate FOOD. This was not a diet of deprivation. I ate real food, lots of food, and it tasted good.

What kept me going?

There were some ‘nay-sayers’ during this challenge that thought I was crazy. Their comments just gave me the motivation to work harder. There were also many cheerleaders such as my husband, my two boys, CFSF coaches, and CFSF members. I carried a 3-ring binder with me everywhere. I filled it with recipes, wrote down everything that went into my mouth, and also wrote down a daily devotional. If I wanted to reach for candy or a pop, I got out my binder and read my devotional or looked at recipes. It was a very powerful 49 days in which I saw changes in my body, mind, and spirit.

My workouts included CrossFit 3 to 4 times a week. I tried to do prescribed workouts as much as possible. I pushed myself to lift more weight and to complete an exercise without resting. I usually picked out someone in the workout to be my ‘rabbit’ and I would try to stay with that person or sometimes pass them. I also ran on the days away from CrossFit, usually with my two boys on their bikes. I made parallettes to have at home to work on L-sits and bought a jump rope to do countless double unders in the driveway.

What’s next for me??

I remember saying to Chris last fall that I didn’t need to make friends. I was only worried about getting a good workout and burning as many calories as I could. I was so wrong. I could not have succeeded in this challenge without the friends I have made at CFSF. I want to continue to make friends and to ‘pay it forward’ by encouraging those who are new to Paleo and CrossFit.

Kris aka ‘KS’

CFSF Rules to Live By: DONT LollyGag!

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Phil S...aka Houdini, never was known for lollygagging

-Have you ever set your ab mat away from you pullup spot?
-Has your box ever been more than a few feet away from your barbell?
-Have you ever moved slow to your next movement during a WOD (not bc you’re out of breath/or about to barf)?
-Do you ever find yourself last to set up before the WOD begins?
-Do you finish your warmup everytime? (or give it an honest effort)

If you have answered “YES” to any of the following, you are GUILTY as charged of lollygagging!

Yes…lollygagging, those people who just seem to move slow. Who are the last to have their bar or stations set up for the WOD. Who seem to take forever to change their shoes. Lollygaggers!

I am not saying that these folks don’t work hard, certainly they do, but your body will adapt to the demands you put upon it. Specific adaptation to imposed demands. If you move fast, then you will be faster.

It is that simple.

-Lift heavy and you will be stronger.
-Do agility drills and you will be more agile.

But I digress.

Sometimes I stand right next to a lollygagger during the majority of the WOD, exhorting them to not step away, to get back on the bar, to move quickly and not walk from station to station. To a man (or woman), they have all been stunned at how much faster they can move.

Move fast, be ready, charge it. Defeat your inner lollygagger.

Where can you shave seconds in a WOD, where do you lollygag?

Other CFSF Rules to Live By…
Journaling Your WOD is MANDATORY!
The CFSF 10 Commandments!
Throw away your scale!
-“The O.T. All Out Effort Principle” vs. “The Piker”
Sign Up for Classes to Avoid New Burpee Penalty
NO Band Loading

CFSF Consistency…Why do YOU work and others DONT???

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Pregos stick together, J is pregnant now, Roach is just post pregnancy, both doing CF

Every time someone steps foot in the box and signs up for CrossFit they are: motivated, excited, anxious, intimidated, ready to make a change, etc…

One of the things we talk about every time with everyone is to make sure you show up (3x a week at a minimum) and be CONSISTENT! If you do the results will happen. And the proof is all of the current CFSF students.

-You signed up just like “everyone else did
-You started with your 1st WOD just like “everyone else did
-You were (and still are) SORE just like “everyone else was

But the “X” factor is you CONTINUED to show up and work HARD and be CONSISTENT! And that leads to where you are at today and were you will be tomorrow and into the future.

Everyone one you that stays consistent have overcome all the excuses: money, family, no time, “too hard”, etc…

So the question is; “Why do YOU work, and other DONT?”

What makes you stay consistent and continue to stay consistent?

And why do you see others not?

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