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Got Resolutions???

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on November 30, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Diesel is happy about making no more "Resolutions"

Ah yes, the time of year to start thinking about some new resolutions. Well maybe I should back up a step…

What is a resolution?

A quick read in Webster’s dictionary would answer this:
Resolution – (noun) – “An often ill advised pretend goal that is destined to fail from the start. These feeble attempts are made year after year with no avail. Often accepted by a lazy Western culture as a fun excuse to share with their friends in order to justify maintaining their current lack of fitness.”

“Hey…we tried right??? I think there is cake in the treat cube, let’s go.”

Now as a CrossFit athlete you are one of many fortunate members of an elite fitness community that doesn’t need “resolutions”. We have chosen to adjust our lifestyle for better living and get to enjoy it to boot.

This year I challenge you to support your family, friends, and co-workers when they speak of their “resolutions”. Remember the “you” of yester…and how YOU used to do the same thing. When they are complaining about their new “Sugar Cookie” Diet, and the Stair Monster at the global gym they just battled for 45 minutes while trying to read a magazine and watch TV. You get to talk about the great time you had today almost puking your guts out with your friends after trying to row your heart out and then throwing weight around like you did when you were 20. On January 23rd, when people with “resolutions” have already quit and have gone back to old habits, you are still hitting up the box every day wondering

“How fit R U”? Be proud of what you have accomplished…be even more proud of what you are about to accomplish.

I challenge you to be an example for those that fail with “resolutions”. Let them see your progress, and leave them wondering “How fit R U?” You lead by example without knowing; even if people haven’t said it…they are thinking it. Again…be proud of it. Be a spokes person or a role model this year. Keep spreading the good word.

If it had potential positive implications on their life, would you imply a simple tactic such as a “Livestrong” bracelet for motivation?

What if that same bracelet hit closer to home and allowed you to showcase how you now kick ass as the new you?

Well you are in luck… Just in are some rocking new bands to showcase part of your new lifestyle and perhaps a way to encourage other to embark on the new and improved life you have.

Bracelet or not…I’m not asking you to set “resolutions”…I’m just asking you to keep doing what you are doing. You are a CrossFit athlete, we are CrossFit Sioux Falls.

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Yours Truly,