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Paleo Challenge Recap”

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“Paleo Challenge Recap”

Today marks the last day of the Paleo LEANing Challenge II. For the 7 weeks each participant has had a great opportunity to surround themselves with the most focused and dedicated group of people. Annie and I have seen some major changes in a ton of the participants and our very proud of everyone.

In the last 7 weeks:

-What have you learned about YOU and the Paleo lifestyle?

-What grade would you give yourself during the challenge?

-What do you know now that you wished you knew before the challenge?

-What were your initial goals when the challenge began? Did you achieve them? Did your goals change?

-Give us a synopsis of your journey through the challenge: the successes, setbacks, things you learned, like, disliked, etc…

Next Saturday at 1030a is the Vote. All of CFSF is encouraged to come check out the top 3 men and women and see the results for themselves.