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CFSF Rules to Live By: DONT LollyGag!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Members on November 17, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Phil S...aka Houdini, never was known for lollygagging

-Have you ever set your ab mat away from you pullup spot?
-Has your box ever been more than a few feet away from your barbell?
-Have you ever moved slow to your next movement during a WOD (not bc you’re out of breath/or about to barf)?
-Do you ever find yourself last to set up before the WOD begins?
-Do you finish your warmup everytime? (or give it an honest effort)

If you have answered “YES” to any of the following, you are GUILTY as charged of lollygagging!

Yes…lollygagging, those people who just seem to move slow. Who are the last to have their bar or stations set up for the WOD. Who seem to take forever to change their shoes. Lollygaggers!

I am not saying that these folks don’t work hard, certainly they do, but your body will adapt to the demands you put upon it. Specific adaptation to imposed demands. If you move fast, then you will be faster.

It is that simple.

-Lift heavy and you will be stronger.
-Do agility drills and you will be more agile.

But I digress.

Sometimes I stand right next to a lollygagger during the majority of the WOD, exhorting them to not step away, to get back on the bar, to move quickly and not walk from station to station. To a man (or woman), they have all been stunned at how much faster they can move.

Move fast, be ready, charge it. Defeat your inner lollygagger.

Where can you shave seconds in a WOD, where do you lollygag?

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