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Dream Boards and How You Can Accomplish Anything You Want in YOUR Life

Posted in Lifestyle, Members, Nutrition on December 17, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Has anyone read or see the movie “The Secret”?

First you have a dream or idea. Then you make a plan. A dream board is a creative and fun part of a plan. Then you got to it! Go on your adventure and take your dreams and move towards action. It’s a great process to get the whole family involved in

Have you ever heard of “Dream Boards” or “Treasure Maps”? Lately, they’ve been called “Treasure Maps”, A Dream Board is a visual picture of the dreams you have for your life that you want to come true. The concept is that we attract to us what we think. And if we put good things in front of us, those things we’ve always wanted, those things we’ve always thought about having in our lives, then we will attract what we think.

Dream Board instructions:
1-Get a poster board
2-Have a bunch of magazines available to cut up
3-Cut out several pictures of things or saying/phrases of motivation (six pack abs, vacation backdrops, dream homes, watches, cars, etc…)
4-Tape or glue all of your cut out pictures into a colluge.
5-Put it in a spot you will see it everyday (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc…)
6-Ideally spend about 5 minutes a day looking at it and dreaming of what can be

This Saturday, PaleoHolics is going to get together and do these Dream Boards at 10:30a at the gym. It is a very POWERFUL event for you and your family. Take advantage of doing this with a group of very positive and motivated peers.

See you there!