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“Big Girls Don’t Cry at CrossFit Sioux Falls”

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on September 2, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


It is truly amazing to watch the women of CrossFit Sioux Falls, and see how much leaner, stronger, more powerful, and faster they are becoming. It is so fantastic to watch women do things in here that most men cannot accomplish! These women are proving to themselves and others they can do things that they themselves didn’t think was possible. I have heard so many stories from the CrossFit women, telling me that by getting physically stronger and more powerful they feel stronger and more powerful mentally; in their jobs, personal life and in general. Congrats women of CrossFit Sioux Falls you inspire us all! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments. Keep up the hard work, and the results will keep pouring in!

To see the “Power” check out the CrossFit women in this video link:

Sept 2