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Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on November 16, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Our “Athlete of the Week” is Michael Brownfield! He works out hard everyday! He comes early and stays late. Michael is a natural athlete who is committed to getting stronger, faster and better. He is one that everyone looks up to on the whiteboard.

This man is an inspiration to all of the athletes in our community and we are lucky to have such a motivated man.

Go Mike B!

It’s all about FRAN…

Posted in CrossFit Workouts, In the News on November 14, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Nov 14 Fran Finals

Modern Fitness Standards…How Do You Measure Up?

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, In the News on November 13, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Interesting blog found about the different standards of physical fitness testing for Utah Peace Officers, Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, The Seals, Firefighters and pro Basketball and Football Combines.


How do you stack up against them?

Standards too low? Too High?

What are your thoughts?

-Good Luck tomorrow to the Fran challengers…I heard she is in a very very bad mood this week:-0

Nov 13

Get in the “REAL” ZONE…

Posted in Members, Nutrition on November 12, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Ever tried a single leg deadlift? Great job Liza!

The Paleo/Zone! CFSF are you ready to help us kick start the revamped “Paleoholics” Program.

Well, now’s your chance to get in on the ground level and make some awesome improvements in your diet, performance and health. Learn how to eat to prevent Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Auto-Immune Disorders and much more all while improving your “Fran” time!! You will learn the basics of the Paleo and Zone Diets, how they work separately and what they can do when put together.

No matter what your goals are, this program can and will work for you. Chris and I are going to participate as active “Paleoholics”, so you’ll get to see what we eat and watch us reach for our goals with you.

The new and improved “Paleoholics” officially starts on January 9th, but in order to be part of our first round you MUST attend this introduction class! If you decide to join our Paleo Posse you will get a specially designed journal, classes tailored to what YOU want to know, supermarket tours, challenges (with prizes), Paleo recipes and snacks, and MUCH, MUCH more!

Bring your friends, family, co-workers, etc too, it’s open to EVERYONE and this Saturday is FREE! There is no one that will not benefit from a Paleo eating style.

Come and see what we have to offer!


What: “Paleoholics” Introductory Class

When: Saturday, November 14th at 10:30am

Where: CrossFit Sioux Falls Headquarters

Who: You, your family, friends, coworkers, the entire community

Nov 12

10 Things To Believe In

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on November 11, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Happy Veterans Day! Casey found this cool blog…check it out.

I believe CrossFit is about people and relationships. Fitness comes as a result of having great people and solid relationships in a place where the right tools are available. A gym without great people is simply a room full of weights.

I believe CrossFit selects for great people. A co-worker once wondered how a guy he knew got a ride to a distant city overnight. He said he didn’t think any of his friends would do that for him. Our response: we have a gym full of friends who wouldn’t hesitate AND they’d even buy coffee for the trip

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they approach the bar. Confident. Questioning. Unsure. Determined. Reckless. Cautious.

I believe you can tell even more about that person when they leave the bar. Exuberant. Angry. Self depreciating. Impressed. Proud. Contemplative.

I believe burpees were designed by the same guy who invented pantyhose.

I believe getting your diet nailed down is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. And you’ll have to do it everyday. Somedays it will be easy to make good food choices, other days it will seem impossible. It comes down to how important it is to you. If its important enough, you’ll do it and the benefits will pay in spades.

I believe we have a duty to our kids. I have a responsibility to raise them in an environment where food is fuel and not celebration, a cure for the pity pool, or something to turn to in boredom. In other words, I have to know that my view of food is all screwed up and I have to instill in my kids something different.

On the topic of kids, I believe they need to grow up knowing exercise if fun, rewarding, and its an enjoyable pursuit for life. Luckily, they get to grow up in a CrossFit gym where they are surrounded by great people, heavy weights, PR’s and all of the makings of a positive, welcoming, healthy environment.

The best gift we’ve ever received was a card that simply said “Thank You for saving my life”

Lastly, I believe in family. My family is just a little bigger these days.

Taken from CrossFit Rainer (

Nov 11

Scalability = Anyone can do it!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on November 10, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

To the general public who hasn’t had the opportunity to plug into the CrossFit training program, CrossFit can appear to be very intimating (I mean 50 pullups in a row, hundreds of pushups, handstand pushups…are you kidding me!?…etc). When they step up to the plate and attend a class they will come to understand that anyone can do it because every workout and exercise is scalable. Scalable meaning you can modify the particular exercise to your adjust to your current fitness level. The intention is to become proficient at the scaled version as quickly as possible.

How do you become proficient the fastest way possible…work in a functional, varied and INTENSE platform (as fast and hard as you possibly can) and you will improve faster than you can imagine.

Describe what exercises you had to scale in the beginning and how you noticed your improvement soar.

Nov 10

Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on November 9, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Lets give it up for Jennifer Axtman as our Athlete of the Week!!!

From the 1st day I met Jen she was determined and committed to reaching her goals…and boy is she on track! Every time I see her step foot into the gym she is focused and ready to kick her butt! Not only that but she always encourages and motivates others in the process.

Jen you are doing fantastic and we are lucky to have you be a part of the CrossFit Sioux Falls community. Keep up the great work and inspiring others in the process to hitting your “skinny plans”:-)

Nov 9

You Know You’re a CrossFitter When…..

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on November 6, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Funny post from CrossFit Verve

(my good friend Meat Chan!)

■Your shins have more scrapes than a twelve year old boy.
■You know better than to say, “That looks easy”.
■You’ve spent HOURS watching videos of other people working out (who does that?).
■CrossFit t-shirts dominate your wardrobe.
■When you travel, your first concern is if there is a local affiliate close by.
■Refresh is your favorite button after 9pm.
■3 on 1 off takes priority in your schedule.
■The words Snatch and Jerk have lost there comedic value, but farting while deadlifting has not.
■There are days you have to talk yourself OUT of going to the gym because it’s a rest day and that means you are suppose to rest, right? You are confused at this and ask your coach if you can still go for a run. When they tell you rest means rest, still confused, you ask if that means you should do nothing or could you do…?
■You can relate to this sentence “I feel like a GD Navy Seal and an Olympic Gold Medalist wrapped in a F-ing suit of body armor”.
■You shave your hands.
■Pain is a relative term.
■You know what this stands for IWCABTAMD.
■You know the ten general skills by heart and can recite them at social gatherings.
■You have posted pictures of yourself working out on facebook.
■You believe in sweat angels.
■You’ve looked up the criteria for the Nobel peace prize to see if you can nominate Coach Glassman.
■Tape and chalk are at a premium.
■You used to bit your nails and now you pick at your calluses.
■Almond butter is the nectar of the Gods.
■You know that the benchmark WOD’s are named after real people and you would find it interesting to talk with some of them and find out WHY?
■You think in blocks not calories.
■Fat is delicious, you laugh at fat free.
■You don’t remember what it is like to have mirrors in your gym.
■You know that a 70%+ dark chocolate bar can sub as 3 blocks carbs.
■You must workout with loud obnoxious music, but never hear a word of it.
■You consider other CrossFitters family.
■You believe the world would be a better place if everyone was a CrossFitter.

Those are some we came up with, now lets hear yours.

Nov 5

What makes a Great CrossFit Athlete?

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, Members on November 5, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Becoming a great CrossFit athlete, is much more than the shoes you wear:-)

Tuesday we talked about the characteristics of “What makes a Great CrossFit Coach?”.

Today’s we want to know from you. “What makes a Great CrossFit Athlete?”

Lets get some discussion going…

Nov 5

Eating Paleo Isn’t a Secret Anymore

Posted in In the News, Lifestyle, Nutrition on November 4, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Food for thought. Slowly but surely, more and more Americans are beginning to realize the importance of eating clean. We may be a long ways from ‘the majority’ eating right, but it’s good to see that there is more demand for better food. More demand for whole/organic/clean foods will ultimately make it cheaper and easier for everyone to aquire. Check it out…

Nov 4