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Want Results??? You need QUALIFIED Coaches…

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Between our 7 Coaches we have OVER 20 CERTifications!

At CFSF we pride ourselves on continuing to up the quality at our box. The types of things we constantly strive to improve on are:

-Warm-up and WOD programming
-And last but definitely not least, QUALITY of Coaching by furthering our education

To be the best coach it takes:

-A high commitment to continually furthering your education
-Loads of experience
-Practicing what you preach.

Well here is CFSF Coaches Resume thus far in the last 22 months:

-As the picture caption states above, of our 7 coaches we have OVER 20 certifications!
-We have coach’s well over 750 students and have had OVER 30,000 workouts at our box!!!
-Every single coach at CFSF does CrossFit at least 5x a week…every week!

Yeah, I bragging a little, but I am proud to be surrounded by such committed, hard working, generous, high integrity, inspiring people.

Thank you Annie, Casey, Booms, Browny, Liza and Cody.

What is Rx???

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on October 19, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Carrie is Rockin her 1st Rx'D WOD

Prescribe (verb) – to lay down as a guide, direction, or rule of action.

The order of importance that was instilled into us at Level 1 Certification was proper technique and range of motion as the initial priority followed by adding load and intensity.

The saying “you must crawl before you walk” is never more true than in CrossFit. You must be proficient in the movement before you should attack the likes of “Diane” or “JT”.

As a trainer/coach I take a lot of pride when someone identifies a goal and I see them working on that movement in the warmup or after class is completed.

How many of you have seen FTS (aka Matty B) do pullups?

How long would you guess it took him working on butterfly pullups after class before he perfected his form?

Once or twice?

How about for several weeks pretty religiously…every single day??? He nailed it with his response in the previous post…it takes wrench time to reach your goals.

Having Rx behind your name on the whiteboard is a mark of honor. If you put in the time on technique and range of motion, you will see those initials behind your name on a more consistent basis. Wear that badge with pride…but make sure you earned it.

Check out this blog from Hyperfit USA from Ann Arbor, MI, and pay special attention to the topic of mechanics If you didn’t catch Casey’s blog from last week and the subsequent response from FTS, scroll down and take a quick read. These 2 posts complement each other very well.

The last thing I want to address in this week’s edition is to cheer on your fellow CrossFitter. If you finish a WOD early and your neighbor is still battling to get done…throw some encouragement their way. You never know…that favor could be returned when your GOAT shows up and you need a little extra boost.

Make yourself better today!


CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

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Congrats to Angie Sonnenschein!

This is another long overdue AOW. Ang has been with CFSF since June of 2009!

Angie is a model CF Athlete: she works out HARD every single class she attends, she demonstrates excellent form no matter the weight/movement, she will be the 1st person to help a fellow CF’er out and cheer them on, and she is as tough as they come.

We could go on and on about Ang and how great we think she is but everyone at CFSF would simply like to say, Angie we thank you for all you do and bring to this awesome CFSF community.

We appreciate you!

More than “just” Stretching

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Creating and Maintaining FLEXibility is all about consistency

Humans have 200+ bones and 650-some muscles in our body.

The way we move, sit, stand, WOD will beat those bones and muscles up in a major way. Muscles will become inflexible. An inflexible muscle is a clenched, contracted, restricts blood flow and limits optimal performance. And each day that goes by we will become more tight and stiff.

To solve the situation start with your tightest areas and spend 5 – 15 minutes a day (which we can ALL do). If you need help…ask your coaches. We are here to help.

To further educate yourself on mobility and flexibility go to the MobilityWOD blog site it will be located on our links under blog favs.

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Skills and Abilities

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on October 14, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Skill: (n) the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both.

Ability: (n) the quality of being able to do something, especially the physical and mental power to accomplish something.

I was thinking about the difference between these terms earlier this week after watching Chris demonstrate some rowing techniques. It made me think about the way we structure many of our workouts, specifically the skill time. Taking the time to learn and refine skills gives us the ability to make something happen; but notice the definition above, the skill must be learned in order for us to have the ability.

How many of you came to the box on your very first day with the ability to do pullups?


A basic snatch?

Very few, if any of us, right?

I once had a coach tell me,

“99% of coaching is in practice and preparation, very little of what we do happens at game speed.”

This is especially true in CrossFit. If you were thrown into a WOD without being taught how to do anything, chances are you wouldn’t be very successful; so it’s important to take time to learn and refine the skills. If not to be better at CrossFit, then for safety’s sake at least. By gaining abilities, though, you will get much more than just a good workout.

I challenge you: every time you come to the box, no matter what type of class you are taking, make the goal to walk out with more ability than when you walked in.

Sure, to come in and do a brutal, exhausting workout is great. Anyone who wants to badly enough can do that, though.

What’s really worth your while, what will really give you a return on your time and effort, is gaining ability.

If you do this consistently, you’d be surprised by how far you’ve come.

By: Casey

Paleo is the way, Nuff Said…

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Chuck is flying higher now that he is in the Paleo Challenge

I came across this post and thought WOW! Is there even a discussion. I will take CrossFit and Paleo over the Old Endurance way EVERYDAY!

Pre Paleo and CrossFit:

Post Paleo and CrossFit:

The Paleo/Primal lifestyle (and in passing, CrossFit) are the subjects of a skeptical but grudgingly admiring article in today’s New York Times: “The New Age Caveman and the City.” Call it a fad if you will, but I challenge you to assemble a random sampling of Paleo-eaters/high intensity exercisers and vegan/vegetarian long slow distance enthusiasts…by any metric, performance or aesthetic, the “caveman” types will seem almost a different species.

Happy Tuesday!

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From Browny and Rambo:-)