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Welcome to Paleoholics. What is Paleoholics you ask?

Paleoholics is a group based on the book the Paleo Diet. We formed this group to support, educate, empower and hold each of us accountable to improving our nutrition through the Paleo Diet. Every Tuesday this month we will meet at the gym at 7:15p after CrossFlexx. It is on the schedule and is open to all members (it does not count as a class this month).

We have also created a Facebook fan page which will be constantly updated with ideas, recipes, discussion on the Paleo.

Add the Facebook group: Click Here

Review from this Tuesday’s meeting:
-Write and complete YOUR one goal for the week
-Find a topic about the Paleo you want to learn; research it; and share it with the group at the next mtg
-Subscribe to the CrossFit Journal: HERE
-Start a Food Journal
-Sign up for the Fan Page on Facebook

Today’s WOD:

July 16