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Signs of OverTraining

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Resting is part of the process for RESULTS

The problem (good problem to have) with CrossFit is not lack of motivation but TOO MUCH motivation!

CrossFit workouts are fun, intense and you get some MAJOR Results! So it is potentially very addicting. We like to call it, taking a sip of the kool-aid:-)

It is easy to get hooked on doing two-a-days, working out everyday, and neglecting to rest and allow your body to recover. If this sounds like you, then you maybe guilty of OVERTRAINING!

According to Wikipedia: Overtraining is a physical, behavioral and emotional condition that occurs when the volume and intensity of an individual’s exercise exceeds their recovery capacity. They cease making progress, and can even begin to lose strength and fitness. Overtraining is a common problem in weight training, but it can also be experienced by runners and other athletes.

Here are some sure fire signs that you may be overtraining…and if you are STOP, DROP, AND REST!
1. You repeatedly fail to complete your normal workout.
2. You’re losing leanness despite increased exercise.
3. You’re lifting/sprinting/HIITing hard every single day.
4. You’re primarily an anaerobic/power/explosive/strength athlete, and you feel restless, excitable, and unable to sleep in your down time.
5. You’re primarily an endurance athlete, and you feel overly fatigued, sluggish, and useless.
6. Your joints, bones, or limbs hurt.
7. You’re suddenly falling ill a lot more often.
8. You feel like crap the hours and days after a big workout.

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Happy St. Patty’s Day

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Happy St. Patty's from our crew to YOU

Events happening this Saturday!

The culmination of the Paleo Challenge…The VOTE!

Date: Saturday March 20th

Time: 11am

Where: CrossFit Sioux Falls

GRAND PRIZE: $600 per the Male and Female Winners Plus One Month of UNLIMITED Membership to CFSF

We will announce the Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women. The before and after pictures will be displayed and the PaleoHolics group will vote the winner of Best Male and Best Female. You must attend the vote to be eligible to WIN the Cash ($600 per winner) and One Month of UNLIMITED Membership.

Everyone is invited to attend (Family, Friends, and fellow CrossFitters). You guys have worked really HARD during this challenge this is time to celebrate YOU and the WINNERS.

Even if you did not complete the challenge please come and support the group and the WINNERS!

The CrossFit Sioux Falls Games Competition! **THIS CHALLENGE IS OPEN TO ALL LEVELS**

Date: Saturday March 20th

Time: When: Saturday, March 20th – All Classes

Where: CrossFit Sioux Falls

We will be having three different Levels

There will be 2 different WOD’s for the Beg/Intermediate & 3 for the Advanced.

The Top 3 Girls and Top 3 Guys In the Advanced Level will be eligible to go to the CrossFit Affiliate Cup In Denver Colorado, held on April 30th thru May 2nd

Entry Fee: $20 ($15 goes into the “kitty” for prize money)
All Proceeds will help lead the CrossFit Sioux Falls Affiliate team to Denver April 30th-May 2nd

Everyone is encouraged to compete (whether it is your 1st week or you have been here a year)

Bring your family and friends to watch and cheer you on! Let’s make this a great event.

Got Sleep??? Well you Better!

Posted in Nutrition on March 16, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

sleep, Sleep, SLEEP! We all need it. We all know we need it. So why do we get it?

Work, family, kids, homework, friends, social life, T.V, internet, etc…All the stresses of LIFE!

For most of us CrossFitters we have or are putting our Health way up high on our priority list.

Now within the health list of priorities SLEEP is at the TOP! Yep, the TOP!

“Sleep deprivation mimics many elements of the aging process. One could make the argument that how you feel when you are sleep deprived is likely how you will feel if you are both diabetic and old (sleep deprivation dramatically impacts insulin sensitivity). Improved sleep time and quality will help you: Lean out, avoid depression, autoimmunity, heart disease…it might even help you be a better athlete. This is a very interesting article for me in that coaches simply tried a schedule more conducive to better sleep and they saw immediate performance improvements in their players. They also dumped the AM shootaround session and saw improvements. More down time, less junk “mileage”.” Taken from Robb Wolf site.

Sleep is an integral part of living a healthy life and I am going to recommit myself to this task! I’ve read a bunch of sleep advice and the common threads are as follows:

1.Make a regular sleep schedule, including weekends.
2.Use your bed for sleep and sex only, use your laptop, watch tv and do your homework someplace else.
3.Avoid eating large meals, caffeine and alcohol at least 3 hours before bedtime. Alcohol may make you sleepy at first but it fragments your sleeping stages and a small snack is ok if you have an empty stomach.
4.Create a bedtime ritual, reading a book or taking a hot bath are both good recommendations. The bath will raise your body temperature and as you cool down your body will fall into a sleep state more naturally.
5.Make sure your sleep environment is dark, quiet and cool. Make sure you have good blankets though!
6.Exercise regularly. This is best performed during the daytime or no more than 3 hours before bedtime.
7.Go to sleep when you’re tired. Sounds obvious, but if you are in bed with the lights out for more than 15-20 minutes, get up and do something else until you get tired.

This List is taken from:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=250&cntnt01returnid=15

So hit the sack! And take the same responsible approach you do about your job/career and get some zzz’s

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on March 15, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Welcome to the Hefty Gun show

Some folks are in the right frame of mind from the get go. Jenny Hefty, is one of those types of people. We have been impressed by her level of intensity and enthusiasm from day one. She possesses the right attitude has been the key to her success.

Jenny we appreciate all you do for the CFSF community…THANK YOU!

CFSF Rules to Live By: “The O.T. All Out Effort Principle” vs. “The Piker”

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy, CrossFit Workouts, Members on March 12, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Soon after you start coming to CrossFit Sioux Falls you learn how to release the animal inside of you. Most people don’t realize how hard they can truly push themselves. But when the music starts blasting, the weights are getting thrown around and 15 other CrossFitters are cranking it, you find yourself in that WOD ZONE and nothing can stop you…Ever feel like that?

Which brings us to our next Rule to Live By: “The O.T. All Out Effort Principle”

“O.T. All Out Effort” is pushing yourself to the very last second… The very last no matter what!

Two things happen every day during a WOD.
1. You O.T. it!
2. Or you don’t and you are a Piker.

For example, here are two Scenario’s of the difference between “O.T. All Out Effort” and a “Piker”

Wednesday’s WOD was the “chief”: 5x Cycles of as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of 3 Power Cleans, 6 Pushups, 9 air squats..then rest 1 minute. You are in cycle 3 of the Chief you just finished 4 rounds and you have 15 seconds left…what do you do?
“O.T. All Effort”: You don’t care how many seconds/rounds are left because you are too busy pushing and working until the very last second!!! “Piker”: You stop because you have 2 more longggg rounds to go and you want to “save” your energy.

-Next Scenario-

You are 30 seconds away from finishing an AMRAP 20 minutes of Wall Balls, KB swings, and Pushups, you have just completed your 9th round and they is no way you will hit your goal of 10 rounds…what do you do???
“O.T. All Out Effort”: You complete that last pushup & jump up and start the next round! And fight for every last second until the clock hits 20MINS!
“Piker”: You bag it and give in to your fatigue and let the last 30 seconds eat away while everyone else is working HARD!!!

Have you experienced O.T. Effort or were you a Piker?

O.T. All Out Effort is the magic formula for success. It gets you from getting results to getting UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS! Not only that, it gets you to believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself, and build bullet proof mental toughness where no matter what happens in your life you will succeed.
The great thing about CrossFit is you have an opportunity daily to make that O.T. Effort happen all the time and a place that encourages, supports and pushes you to get there.

Thoughts? Comments? Stories? Post them!

Butter is BACK

Posted in Nutrition on March 11, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Did you know that adding butter to a serving of vegatables will increase the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients by as much as 80% ?

Did you know that short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, like butterfat from cows have antimicrobial properties that protect us from viruses and harmful bacteria in our gut?

Or that butter is immediately absorbed by the body and used for quick energy making it a great food source for athletes?

Read the Full Blog Post by CrossFit Oakland HERE

CFSF “Workout Pants Exchange Program”

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The Deal is going down with Jaime and Jen

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Because we are a RESULTS based fitness program, we constantly have members with their pants FALLING OFF…Literally. So if you are in need of new, leaner, and tighter workout pants. No FEAR…The CrossFit Sioux Falls “Workout Pants Exchange Program” is HERE!

The CrossFit Sioux Falls “Workout Pants Exchange Program” is completely voluntary and a lot of fun!

So if you are experiencing difficulty keeping your pants ON during a WOD then let us know…we may have the exact pant size YOU need:-)

Tell us your “pants falling off experience”. And if you are in need of this new exciting program.

Onward to ELITE FITNESS!!!

Throw All of Your Excuses OUT!!!

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When Chris and I went to the Affiliate Gathering in Miami, we heard a man by the name of Kyle Maynard speak. Kyle Manard, an inspiration in his own right, and also a CrossFitter. Below is a video of him discussing functional training and how important and applicable it is for life. If you’re curious about Kyle and want to know more about his story, google him – he has truly lived a remarkable life. It’s an honor to have him as a part of our awesome CrossFit community! Watch this and you will really have NO EXCUSES!

Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on March 8, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

This week’s AOW is Ashley Hobbs!

Ashley knows exactly what it takes to excel in CF. She works hard, is always eager to learn, is eager to help others and is consistent with her attendance and effort. She is currently in the last week of our Paleo Challenge and her results will speak for themselves.

Ashley you are just scratching the surface on what you can accomplish with CrossFit Sioux Falls we are so lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for all you do!

Today’s WOD

2 Part:

1- Karen: 150 Wall Balls for Time

2- Annie: 50-40-30-20-10
Double Unders

CFSF Rules to Live by: Sign Up for Classes to Avoid New Burpee Penalty

Posted in Members on March 5, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

This is a follow up from last Monday’s email:

Effective This Monday March 8, 2010: Online Scheduler Burpee Punishment!

We are experiencing great growth at CFSF. We are implementing this plan for the integrity of all CFSF CrossFitter’s and to help the larger classes remain organized.

Sign up for your classes on the online scheduler to avoid burpees! If you do not sign up online through our MindBody scheduler for each class you attend it is mandatory you complete 50 BURPEES…thats right 50 BURPEES, and burpees will accumulate by 5 reps every time you forget to sign up!

However; you can avoid these burpees by contributing to a $2 donation to The *”Shawn Poe Goes to Haiti”* We will let you know how if you choose that path.


Remember, when you sign up for a class – GO! If you need to cancel, our policy is 4 hours in advance, so that your buddies have an opportunity to attend. If you are having trouble getting into a class, sign up a little further in advance. Again, be considerate of your CrossFittin’ comrades!

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

If you have any questions please contact us.


Chris and Annie