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CrossFit Sioux Falls – Slogans for Avera Breast Cancer Race

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Here are the top ones:

Put your initials under the slogan your vote for (one vote only). We will tally up the votes from the whiteboard at the end of the Saturday classes. The slogan with the most votes we will use on our shirts for the race. All CrossFitters are able to vote whether they run in the race or not.

Why ask Why….

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Great Blog thanks CFLA:

“For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?” – James Allen

Is asking, “Why” always necessary or productive? Does knowing the answer to that question rob you from an experience you need to have without necessarily knowing why? Or how about this… if you ask why, and don’t get/know/understand the answer, do you stop, quit, and/or shut down, or do you continue down this line of questioning… Why not? Why not me? Why not now? If you do, does it inspire you to get or keep going, that there is no reason not to? And if your answer is, “It depends…”, what does it depend on?

If you seek out a teacher/coach/mentor and ask him/her to teach you how to do something… and he/she gives you something to do that you don’t understand… do you ask, “Why?” Why? If you trust that person to teach you – why is it important that you know why? In the first clip below from the Karate Kid (one of my favorite movies of all time), what would have happened if Daniel-son quit because he didn’t get an answer to all the questions, bells and whistles going off in his head when Mr. Miyagi tells him to wax the car, sand the floor, and paint the fence? Do you get stopped when someone can’t or won’t answer that question for you?

Have a little faith… sometimes asking “Why not?” might be a better place to start… Enjoy the clips!

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

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Congrats to this week’s Athlete of the Week – Patrice Howley!

Patrice is one of the most dedicated CrossFitters we have at CFSF. She trains 5 days a week, is constantly reading and watching videos, and working on her weaknesses at the box every week. Two weekends ago Patrice attended the Movement and Mobility certification to further her knowledge is mobility and flexibility. Patrice next goals is to get her Level 1 cert in the fall and compete in the sectionals next year for the CF games.

Patrice keep kickin butt we are very excited for our future together!

Thank you for all you do and bring to our CFSF community.

We appreciate you.

Do you attack your weaknesses, or do your weaknesses attack you?

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I once had a coach tell me, “Spend 70% of your time refining and perfecting your strengths, spend the other 30% improving weaknesses.” I completely agree, an athlete should stick to his/her guns and do what makes them effective at that specific sport or activity. But what about the rest of us who don’t have that specific set of demands or tasks? What about those of us that need to be ready for anything (for life)?

The great thing about CrossFit is that it will (sooner or later) find your weaknesses and (without doubt) attack them. If a person only did what they enjoyed or what they were good at, they would never grow or improve; they would become stagnant.
Remember the list of 10 general skills? :
endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy…

Knowing that the goal is to become as able in all ten as possible, where are you weak? And, more importantly, what are you doing to fix that? Improving weaknesses not only makes you more well-rounded and prepared for everything, but could also help to improve your strengths as well…

Don’t talk about It, be about It,

CrossFit To+al: This Saturday…Be There!

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Here is the Women of our CFSF FTS Affiliate Team going to Denver at the end of the month

With the CrossFit To+al this Saturday he is some clips from the creator of the CrossFit To+al Mark Rippetoe to fine tune your form to reach your full potential.

Back Squat:



For the full description read this:

Sign up on the class schedule this is an event you do not want to miss!

The Great Calorie Vs. Hormone Debate

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We have such Awesome Athletes at CrossFit Sioux Falls!

We found this from check it out and let us know what you think!

When looking at food (CALORIES) and how specific nutrients cause changes in body weight, there’s a great debate in the field of nutrition. The understanding of bioenergetics and how human beings utilize, produce and store energy from food is a complex process that’s still misunderstood. Here are the two sides of the debate…

1. The energy balance equation, which basically states that in order to loss/gain weight, you have to eat less/more calories. Energy in = Energy out + Change in Body Stores

2. The calorie theory is flawed. It’s about the quality (carb/pro/fat) of calories and their effect on HORMONES, not the quantity that influence changes in body weight. Insulin: Body Weight and Energy Production

I find this stuff fascinating. Maybe you will too…?

Buck Furpees Baby

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

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Pic of Nikki to come. Rambo says Congrats too

Congrats to Nikki Van Roekel for becoming our next Athlete of the Week.

You won’t find a more consistent, hard working and positive Super Momma than Nikki at our box.

Thank you Nikki for all you bring to our AWESOME community.

We appreciate you.

Upcoming Events at CFSF;

April 17th (This Saturday!) CrossFit To+al: The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift, the three most effective lifts in exestence, for developing and testing functional strength. This is our 3rd time doing this event. Part Time Members are to bring a $5 drop in fee for this event. Unlimited Members are Free.

May 8th: Avera Race Against Breast Cancer: Join our CFSF team as we run the 5k portion of the race. Click the Avera link on the right column to join our team and donate to the cause.