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July 23

Other CrossFitters and Affiliates

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on July 22, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Thanks to Cole from Illinois for coming

Thanks to Cole from Illinois for coming

We have had a number of CrossFitters from other affiliates in different states this summer. It is fun to get to meet other CrossFitters and here about their boxes (gyms) and what they think about ours.

When you travel more times than not there will be a local CrossFit affiliate close to you. I encourage you to check them out, take pics, get one of there shirts, and meet other CrossFitters. For a list of all the CrossFit Affiliates around the WORLD go to: and scroll down the left column.

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July 22

Shoes help make the Runner in You

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Three shoes. Which is the best to run in?

Three shoes. Which is the best to run in?

Last weekend was a very BIG eye opener for me. Liza, Annie and I attended the CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification. And WOW it was Amazing! Anyone who runs or even anyone who CrossFit’s this is a very educational cert about how to run and train with endurance.

One of the topics I got a lot out of was learning about the correct shoes to wear. One of the reasons why a lot of runners are injured is because of the “running” shoe’s they wear.

Keys to wearing a proper running shoe:
-Flat, flat, flat: The more heel support you have the more you “heel strike”
-Light: The lighter the shoe, the lighter you are which helps with creating less force
-Know if you have a wider or more narrow foot.

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July 21<

Athlete of Week

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Congrads to Molly Johnson!

Molly has seen significant results in her fitness since coming to CrossFit back in March. It is a direct result of two things: Consistency and Hard work. CrossFit is definitely HARD work, but it is also very simple. Do what Molly does: show up + work hard and the results will happen (much sooner than later)

Molly you ROCK and we appreciate you. You’re definitely not a grandma:-)

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July 20

Weekend Warriors

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Here’s what you missed!

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July 18

Off to the Running Cert

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We are excited to learn and bring back the goods from the Running Cert.

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July 17


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Welcome to Paleoholics. What is Paleoholics you ask?

Paleoholics is a group based on the book the Paleo Diet. We formed this group to support, educate, empower and hold each of us accountable to improving our nutrition through the Paleo Diet. Every Tuesday this month we will meet at the gym at 7:15p after CrossFlexx. It is on the schedule and is open to all members (it does not count as a class this month).

We have also created a Facebook fan page which will be constantly updated with ideas, recipes, discussion on the Paleo.

Add the Facebook group: Click Here

Review from this Tuesday’s meeting:
-Write and complete YOUR one goal for the week
-Find a topic about the Paleo you want to learn; research it; and share it with the group at the next mtg
-Subscribe to the CrossFit Journal: HERE
-Start a Food Journal
-Sign up for the Fan Page on Facebook

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July 16