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How to really finish a workout….Finishers!

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on July 15, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


What is a Finisher?

A Finsher is:
1)The act of getting one last-blast before calling it a day.
2)A dedicated practice time after the bulk of the work has been done.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses (especially in CrossFit). Once you’ve established your weaknesses, the finisher can be an excellent time to continue to work on these areas of difficulty. The ideas you formulate do not have to be exact here. The doing is what’s important.

Can’t Kip? What to get better at your squats? Are you a good runner? The finisher maybe exactly what you need.

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July 15

Open Gym…now open

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on July 14, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Welcome Carmen to the crew

Welcome Carmen to the crew

CrossFit has a lot of movements to learn, and some you just won’t get without putting in some work on the side. Come in and work on: kipping pull-ups, L-sits, rope climbs, double unders, Oly lifts , Strength Work and whatever else! Open Gym time is perfect for: Improvement Training, Skill work, and Active Rest. If you are sore and recovering from a WOD or series of WODs, moving is better than not moving. Come in and go through a dynamic warm up. Spend some time watching some Oly Lifting videos. Have Fun! Play around! Maybe a game of “Stupid Human Tricks” will break out.

Check our class schedule on our site: for Open gym times and to sign up.

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July 14

Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on July 13, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Congratulations to Caiti Kean!

Caiti has been with CrossFit Sioux Falls for just over a month. Every week she is improving on her times, pullups, or putting more weight on the bar. Caiti is a consistent FULL TIME member, has a great work ethic and awesome attitude. I can’t wait to see what she can do it in 6 months!

Your Awesome girl!

Today’s WOD:

July 13

Paleo Challenge

Posted in Nutrition on July 11, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Nutrition is the single greatest thing to help you achieve any goal you are shooting for.

Allow me to introduce the Paleo Challenge. The Paleo Challenge is a global challenge we found on Facebook. CrossFit Sioux Falls will be doing the challenge for 7 weeks from MONDAY JULY 13th to SEPT 7th (Labor Day).

The challenge will include one group meeting a week. The reason to is have a place where best practices are shared, recipies, success stories, great resources. The more we all share, the more we’ll all learn.

Our 1st Paleo Challenge meeting is Tuesday July 14th at 7:15pm at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

Contact us for more details:

Today’s WOD:

July 11

Let the Games Begin….

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Today is the 3rd Annual CrossFit Games. There will be constant updates on the games website

*From CF Games site*
Special Games Coverage Information:
We will produce a live webcast Friday at 6:00 PM. We will have three webcasts on Saturday: at Noon, 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Our Sunday webcasts will be at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 5:00 PM. Each webcast will air live and the archived version will be posted soon after. The programs will consist mostly of live interviews. There may also be some pre-recorded and edited interviews.

Today’s WOD:

July 10

To All you Momma’s

Posted in CrossFit Workouts, Lifestyle on July 9, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Just another day at CFSF

Just another day at CFSF

Check out

It has a ton of great information about pre and post pregnancy to use while doing CrossFit.

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July 9

The Fittest Person on the Planet

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This weekend is the CrossFit Games. Think of it as the “Super Bowl or the Olympics of CrossFit”

What are the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of fitness. It’s a grueling two-day competition in which the world’s fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts. What are the workouts? Each year they change, and the details of them are not announced until a couple days before the event. This means that all year long, the athletes are training for a competition whose format is almost completely a mystery.

The competition will take place from Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12, 2009. There will be three different competitions happening that weekend: Individual Men, Individual Women, and the team Affiliate Cup.

The individual competitions are limited to 75 athletes each. The top five finishers from 2008 are automatically entered. Everyone else has to qualify through their Regional Competition. The number of slots allotted to each region is determined by the number of affiliates in that region. Both individual men and women competitions will be held Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12).

The team Affiliate Cup will be held on Friday, July 10th and Sunday July 12th. It will be exculusively team workouts, and open to all teams who register in time (no qualifying required). Affiliate team registration opens on June 1st until June 12th, unless it sells out before then. Teams will be made up of four to six athletes, with four competing at one time.

Info taken from:

I encourage you to follow the CrossFit main site for all the lastest updates and information. I am definitely going to be:-)

Today’s WOD:

July 8