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POSE Running Method…Think about it before you buy your next pair of running shoes

Posted in Lifestyle on April 29, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


I have heard that 70+ Percent of runners have some type of injury (knees, chins, hips, ankles, feet, etc…) Before the invention of running shoes runners were used to using their natural gait, since they knew no other way – they were used to running barefoot or in sandals their entire life – that technique is called the Pose running. Today’s runners wear running shoes – a modern day invention that actually prevents us from running the way we would otherwise run naturally (“Are running shoes a waste of money?”) What if I were to tell you that with practice of a new, different running technique (Pose), you could:

Reduce running injuries

Develop stronger muscles in the foot and lower leg

Develop a more relaxed, natural and efficient running stride

Save money on running shoes

Run faster

Check this: ARTICLE

And this: VIDEO

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