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Deep in thought? Or wasted after a workout?

Posted in Members on May 20, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


What is Mitch thinking about?

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP in 20 minutes

100m Run
12 Kettlebell Swings
10 Pullups

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Knowledge is Power….Subscribe to the CrossFit Journal

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on May 19, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Morning classes are pumping up! We now have 530a and 630a Mon-Fri

Morning classes are pumping up! We now have 530a and 630a Mon-Fri

One of the most inexpensive and valuable resources to own. The CrossFit Journal is a major source of the latest information on CrossFit and Fitness as a whole. I have subscribed to it since October and it has helped educate and inspire me. Everyday there is a video and or article posted and just like the workouts it is always interesting and different.

Check out:

We have a few copies of my favorite Journal article at the Box for you to check out.

Today WOD
100 Squats
*For every 10 squats do 20 Burpees.

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Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on May 18, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

0 to 9 Pullups without Bands in 5 Weeks!

0 to 9 Pullups without Bands in 5 Weeks!

Congratulations to Troy Keyes!

Troy is Mr. Consistentency and it is paying off. Troy is a committed 5 times a week CrossFitter! Rain, snow, sleet, or shine Troy brings his intensity and energy to every class. Troy we appreciate all the hard work and the great example you set for all of us. Thank You!

Check out Troy’s Story:

“I can’t say enough good things about CrossFit and Chris. Every workout is different and exciting, which keeps me coming back. I have always been in to running and lifting weights occasionally, but I always had a problem motivating myself and pushing myself like I knew I should. CrossFit has changed that!

After just 5 weeks (going 5 days per week) my jeans no longer fit. This last winter I broke down and bought one pair of 38X32 jeans, which was hard for me because for the past 8 years, I was a 36X32. I gave them (the 38X32’s) to my father-in-law this week because they won’t even come close to staying on. My 36X32 jeans are now loose, and I’m on the last “notch” on my belt.

At this mornings work out, I though I would try to do a pull up without the rubber band assisting straps. I expected I would be able to do 2 or 3. I did 10 of them! I have never in my life (highs school football, military training, etc) been able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups. I was amazed because I never expected results like this after just 5 weeks.

I have had these results and I really haven’t even changed my eating habits, other than a protein shake after my workouts. I feel better physically than I have in the past 10 years. Thanks Chris for everything (except the fact that now I have to go buy new jeans and a new belt.)”

Today’s WOD

400m Run
Kettlebell Swings

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CrossFit Sioux Falls is spreading…

Posted in Sioux Falls Community on May 15, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Yesterday we were fortunate to participate in the Wells Fargo Health and Wellness Fair at their phone bank building. We met a lot of great people gave them the chance to learn more about CrossFit. Also, we got to connect with other health and wellness professionals.

Be on the look out for more CrossFitters coming soon.

Special thanks to Kim Davis for inviting us. And great job Nathan and Casey for all your help.

If anyone hears of any health and or wellness fairs we would love to be apart of them.

Today WOD
AMRAP in 20 min
10 Wall Balls
15 Push Press
20 Pullups

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More Classes are coming….

Posted in CrossFit Workouts on May 14, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
He can KIP and Double Under...WOW! Great job Mitch

He can KIP and Double Under...WOW! Great job Mitch

Due to the AWESOME demand we are changing the morning schedule. Monday thru Friday is now at 5:30am and 6:30am. It gives the morning crowd more flexibility with more of the popular times and allows you guys to step up the workouts!:-) Refer to our main website for the updates.

Keep up the great work everyone.

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP in 20 minutes
21 Box Jumps
15 Pullups
9 Thrusters

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CrossFit Commerical and NEW CHALLENGE on the Biggest Loser Finale!

Posted in In the News on May 13, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Great Form Hali!

Great Form Hali!

We are excited to announce our 1st Challenge at CrossFit Sioux Falls. We all know how popular the Biggest Loser is and the amazing results people achieve. Well we are doing the BIGGEST WINNER challenge.

And the Challenge you ask?…is the “Cindy” challenge.

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

How the Challenge Works

1. GET REGISTERED – get your name on the list and pay the $20 entry (remember, $15 goes back in the “kitty” for prize money).
2. PRELIMS – Sat. May 30th set your baseline. Set your baseline “Cindy” rounds. This will be the time off of which we will calculate your improvement.
3. TRAIN – CrossFit for 8 weeks with the intention of improving your “Cindy” time.
4. FINALS – Sat. July 25th. Go for YOUR best “Cindy” time!

** PRIZES will be awarded for:
• Most improvement – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place in combined women’s and men’s divisions.
• Most Rounds – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in M1 and W1 divisions.

Men’s Categories
M2: Green Band on Pullups, Pushups chest to floor no knees
M1: No bands on Pullups, Pushups chest to floor no knees
Women’s Categories
W2: Green Band on Pullups, Pushups on knees
W1: No bands on Pullups, Pushups chest to floor no knees

– You must choose the category you are going to compete in and STAY in that category for the finals. Rankings for TIME:
o There will be one master list ranking participants based on time
o Your TIME rank will be based on your performance within your category.
o Categories will be listed in the order M1, M2. This means that all M1 category finishers will be ranked above all the M2 category finishers.
o For example, if you compete in the M2 category, the best ranking you can have is one below the lowest in the M1 category. So if there are 6 people in the M1 category, your ranking, if you have the highest time in the M2 category, is #7.
– Rankings for IMPROVEMENT:
o There will be one master list ranking participants on percentage improvement.
o This list is NOT categorized. Your category has no bearing on where you finish on this list.

Today’s WOD:
5 Rounds
30 Kettlebell Swings
30 Burpees
30 Situps (GHD/Ab Ball)

Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on May 12, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Congradualations to Kim Davis!

Kim is a consistent, high energy, great attitude, comitted athlete! I have seen some great improvement in her overall fitness level. She is always encouraging everyone and pushing herself every workout.

Kim thank you for all you do for the CrossFit Sioux Falls community. Your awesome!

Today’s WOD

“Morning Glory”
Run a mile
25 Box Jumps
30 DB Push Press
35 Wall Balls
40 Pushups
50 Squats
Run a Mile

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