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The REAL Perfect Pushup

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on April 21, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


The fitness industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry! Every year more and more gimmicks that will get you to that ideal goal of, “lose 20lbs in 20 minutes”. Let’s get one thing straight it takes good old fashion hard work to get anyway in life, health, business, raising a family, having a happy marriage, etc… The great thing about CrossFit is hard work can be fun….believe or not;-)

Now I like the perfect pushup, I think it’s cool. But check out Tonna. Now that is the REAL Perfect pushup!

Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds:
12 – Deadlifts
9 – Hang Cleans
6 – Push Jerks

**Goal is go as long as you can without dropping the bar.

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Athlete of the Week

Posted in Members on April 20, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Every Monday we are going to feature our CrossFit Sioux Falls “Athlete of the Week”.

This week we are proud to announce, Tonna Bartek. Tonna has been consistently working hard every single time she walks into the gym and it is really starting to pay off for her. She never misses a workout and loves the challenge of any workout you throw at her. Her work ethic and postive attitude about CrossFit is contagious and we love it!

Congrads Tonna and keep it up you are awesome!

Today’s WOD

100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats for Time

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Journaling YOUR workouts

Posted in Crossfit Philosophy on April 17, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls
Krystle is always journaling

Krystle is always journaling

Journaling is an imparative part of your success at CrossFit Sioux Falls. Having the ability to track, set goals, and judge performance is the key to unlocking unlimited results. Don’t believe me…I dare you to start. You will be amazed with the kind of results you can accomplish.

Today’s WOD:

3 Rounds:

15 Double Unders – 25 Kettlebell Swings
15 Double Unders – 25 Ball Slams
15 Double Unders – 25 Squats
15 Double Unders – 25 Situps

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KDLT Thursday’s

Posted in In the News on April 16, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


At 6p!

Tonight’s show is on progress reports for Cody, Krystle and Jesse. Don’t miss it!

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP in 20 min:

30 Box Jumps
20 Push Press
30 Pullups

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Cardio Bananza

Posted in CrossFit Workouts, Uncategorized on April 15, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


Today’s WOD:

4 Rounds:
400m Run
20 Wall Balls
25 Kettlebell Swings
30 Pushups
35 Squats

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CrossFlexx is a hit!

Posted in CrossFit Workouts on April 14, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


If you are considering taking your training to the next level, reducing aches and pains throughout the day then CrossFlexx is a must in your weekly rountine. Learn how to improve flexibility and build muscular endurance with CrossFlexx.

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP in 20 min
400m Run
10 Turkish Get ups
25 Squats

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Hero Workouts

Posted in CrossFit Workouts on April 13, 2009 by Crossfit Sioux Falls


CrossFit has benchmark workouts named after very proficient CrossFit women or fallen military heroes. They are the cream of the crop workouts and every time you re visit them it is the best measure of success and results and they are FREAKIN HARD!

Today’s WOD


3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans
30 Pullups
800m Run

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